Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Time!

So last night my parents and brother got in. They are visiting from Arkansas. I'm so excited that they are here, I haven't seen them since summer of 2007. My brother is so much taller than me! I still can't believe he will be 17 this year! Makes me feel so old!

Today we didn't do anything other than hang around the house. Since they drove all day yesterday, today was just a day to rest and relax. Tomorrow they are going to church with us, then we might be doing some running around. Bella has been doing well. She just stares at my brother.

The dogs are so excited, mostly because now THEY are getting attention.

Harley is acting normally, and Peanut, well, I don't think he's come out from under our bed since they got here. haha.

Kevin worked last night and tonight, but then he's off for a week. I'm super excited about that.

My mom brought some super cute outfits, I can't wait to get them washed so Bella can wear them. Some of them are too big, but thats okay! She will grow into them!

I cooked dinner tonight - Ranch baked chicken with warm corn dressing. MMMMMMmmmmMMMM! we also had mashed potatoes and italian bread. It really was De-lish!

Tomorow I'm not sure what we are going to make. Maybe hot dogs on the grill? We also plan to deep fry a turkey, make stuffed pork chops, chili, and I think chicken noodle soup. I would also like to take them to dinner at Romas, since it's my favorite place to eat.

I have no idea what other things we might do, but even if we just stay home all day, thats fine by me.

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