Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My little movie star!

I've been taking little videos of Bella - here's the link:


Just little clips with my webcam, and then I upload them. I find them wnderful and exciting to watch.. although most of you will probably get bored after the first few.. LOL

So I haven't updated in a while, I feel as though I've just been soo busy, but thinking about it I really haven't been. Last week we sold our sectional sofa, and bought a new sofa and chair set. We loved our sectional, but it was just too big for our litle living room, and we are SO happy with the new furniture! Then my grandparents came up from Tennesee for the weekend, and we went to the wine festival downtown, and just really enjoyed spending time with them! this is their first Great Grandchild, so it is very exciting for them! We plan to go to my parent's house in August, and will stop on the way to visit with my grandparents again, this time Bella will be able to meet her Great GREAT Granny! It will be such a special trip.

I feel so blessed that my grandparents were able to come up and visit with us and see Bella. It was such a wonderful weekend, although it was hot, we still managed to have such a wonderful time!

In just a couple of weeks we will be heading out to Ohio to visit with Kevin's brother and family for our niece's First Holy Communion. I am really looking forward to it! After that will be Bella's Baptism, June 7th. And also my sister will be coming to stay with us for a month! I am REALLY excited about that! In July we are going up to the camp for the 4th, and then the end is Kevin's cousin's wedding. August we are going to visit my parents in Arkansas, and then the last weekend in September we are going to Ocean City! PHEW! What a summer! Bella is really gonna get used to travelling, and it will really be nice when she starts spacing her feedings out a little more, which she should do soon (I hope!)

Thats all, no pictures this post. I know, you are sad. I will get them off the camera soon and post some for you all!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Bella's first Easter was wonderful! We spent it up in PA at Kevin's parents house. It was a little colder than it is here, but that's okay! It was sooo nice to see everyone! We were able to finalize plans for Bella's Baptism! It will be on June 7th. My sister is going to be her godmother (technically her sponsor) and Kevin's brother will be her godfather. We are soo excited this is finally going to happen! YAY! There was a lot of back and forth on the dates and trying to work with not only Kevin's schedule, but also his parents and Scott & Sara's as well!
Easter is such a special time, it has always been a special day for me, and I've always made an attempt to go to church, any church, on Easter. I have been moved to tears at times even. This year was extra special, since Kevin and I are both attending RCIA, and planning to join our church. I never knew much about the Catholic faith, but the more I learn, I am finding that I do like it. It is definitely not what I had HEARD. You know, all the stereotypes. They have their own traditions/rituals, but once I learned about WHY they do certain things, it just does not seem so 'weird'. Bella goes to church with us. I love that. She sits right up in the pew with us. Our church does not have a nursery (that I am aware of), and they welcome children in the service. One thing I was concerned about when looking for a church, was whether or not we would be able to keep her with us. I never liked the idea of sending her away to a nursery. Maybe when she's a toddler and getting into things I may change my mind, but for now, if she gets fussy, I just walk her outside, or I can just stand with her and rock her. I also love that Kevin and I go together, and we have never been to Church on Easter together. Bella has changed a lot of things in our lives, bringing us closer to God is one of those things. I want her raised going to Church, and to be comfortable going.
Anyways, I got off the topic a bit! Here's some pics from the weekend!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bella's first PLAYDATE!

Today Bella and I drove out to my friend Cheryl's house for a play date. We had a great time! All the kids behaved wonderfully! It was also great for me to visit with Cheryl and Aimee.

Here is a pic of Bella, Payton, and Georgia. =) They will be bestest buds!

Bella is 11 days older than Payton, and Payton is 11 days older than Georgia! Its soo wonderful to see them all together, and how they are all sooo different! I met Aimee and Cheryl in the birthing class I took. I am soo grateful to have met them, and that our girls are all so close in age. I hope to stay friends with them and watch our girls grow up together!

Bella was an angel, she nursed and napped and played! She was so very talkative, and just squealed, and cooed and ahhhhed soo much! We all went for a walk, which was interesting on gravel with my stroller, but it was such a beautiful day, how could we not take advantage of

it? I put Bella on her tummy on the play mat there, and she held her head up and looked around, then she ROLLED OVER! YAY! I was soo excited! That's my little girl, showing off already! Maybe by the next playdate, Payton will be rolling over, or Georgia! They are not far behind her, so it won't be long for them at all!

This weekend we are going up to PA to visit with Kevin's family for Easter. I'll have plenty of pics to upload Monday!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


So we took Bella to Sears to get her pictures done for Easter. I could have easily taken them, but I though it would be nice to have some professional ones done of her. They did a good job, but I think other than the few props they had, I could have easily done the same thing. Once she is a bit older and can sit up better on her own (or with support) then I think it will be better beause she will be able to use more props that they have. She did great though! She never got fussy and was just happy as can be! She did start to get hungry afterwards though, but at least she made it through! I think she is such a good baby, even when she's fussy!

So this is short, I want to do some tummy time with her while she's in a good mood =) Here are a couple of pics!
I took these at home:

from Sears:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Links to Pictures of Bella!

Each month I am uploading pictures ( in mass quantities! ) to shutterfly. My goal is that by the end of the year I will make a book of her first year. Of course I will not be able to include ALL the pictures in the book, but this way I have them all, and also, I can share them with everyone! Hope you all enjoy!

January Pictures

February Pictures

March Pictures

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bella's update.. 3 months!

So Bella is 3 months now! It is so hard to believe that she is 3 months old already! She smiles all the time, and she is a total daddy's girl! She is holding her head up very well! Whenever you hold her sitting up, she is getting so steady! AND, she is starting to prefer to be in a sitting position, rather than laying down. Kevin had the recliner out, and had her laying on the leg part and she was doing little "sit ups" trying to get upright! She has rolled from her tummy to her back, twice, on the same day, but hasn't done it since. She absolutely HATES to be laying on her stomach, I think it is because she can't see around to what is going on!

She sleeps through the night, 8 hours, and I'm so happy for that, although I am still wondering when she'll change her mind about it, because it seems too good to be true! Since 8 weeks, she's been sleeping through the night... but I'll take what I can get!

She hates a wet diaper. I read that it is getting harder to potty train children because of how disposable diapers are keeping the babies so dry that they don't know the feeling of being wet, which is important for them to learn to potty... Well, she knows when she is wet, even a little bit! I think it is because from the very start I changed her constantly, even if her diaper was a little wet. Even now, I change her a thousand times a day. Sometimes her diaper doesn't even feel wet to me, but I change her anyways. My thinking is that I DONT want a diaper rash (although I know its bound to happen) and, I don't want her to get used to a wet feeling.

She loves looking at the dots on her walls, and she loves to be swaddled when she sleeps. She takes a binky on occasion, but not all the time. Typically it's when she is going to bed at night, or when she is super over-tired and needs it to calm herself. She could use her hands, but she is swaddled because she still has a startle reflex and wakes herself up at night if she's not.

Kevin does sooo great with her. She loves him so much, and LOVES to play with daddy! You can just see it in her face that she already adores him!

Well, thats the update, I'm off to bed!