Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bella's first PLAYDATE!

Today Bella and I drove out to my friend Cheryl's house for a play date. We had a great time! All the kids behaved wonderfully! It was also great for me to visit with Cheryl and Aimee.

Here is a pic of Bella, Payton, and Georgia. =) They will be bestest buds!

Bella is 11 days older than Payton, and Payton is 11 days older than Georgia! Its soo wonderful to see them all together, and how they are all sooo different! I met Aimee and Cheryl in the birthing class I took. I am soo grateful to have met them, and that our girls are all so close in age. I hope to stay friends with them and watch our girls grow up together!

Bella was an angel, she nursed and napped and played! She was so very talkative, and just squealed, and cooed and ahhhhed soo much! We all went for a walk, which was interesting on gravel with my stroller, but it was such a beautiful day, how could we not take advantage of

it? I put Bella on her tummy on the play mat there, and she held her head up and looked around, then she ROLLED OVER! YAY! I was soo excited! That's my little girl, showing off already! Maybe by the next playdate, Payton will be rolling over, or Georgia! They are not far behind her, so it won't be long for them at all!

This weekend we are going up to PA to visit with Kevin's family for Easter. I'll have plenty of pics to upload Monday!

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  1. Little Bella and her friends are so cute! Sounds like a fun time. That's so great that you made friends at your childbirth class.