Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My little movie star!

I've been taking little videos of Bella - here's the link:


Just little clips with my webcam, and then I upload them. I find them wnderful and exciting to watch.. although most of you will probably get bored after the first few.. LOL

So I haven't updated in a while, I feel as though I've just been soo busy, but thinking about it I really haven't been. Last week we sold our sectional sofa, and bought a new sofa and chair set. We loved our sectional, but it was just too big for our litle living room, and we are SO happy with the new furniture! Then my grandparents came up from Tennesee for the weekend, and we went to the wine festival downtown, and just really enjoyed spending time with them! this is their first Great Grandchild, so it is very exciting for them! We plan to go to my parent's house in August, and will stop on the way to visit with my grandparents again, this time Bella will be able to meet her Great GREAT Granny! It will be such a special trip.

I feel so blessed that my grandparents were able to come up and visit with us and see Bella. It was such a wonderful weekend, although it was hot, we still managed to have such a wonderful time!

In just a couple of weeks we will be heading out to Ohio to visit with Kevin's brother and family for our niece's First Holy Communion. I am really looking forward to it! After that will be Bella's Baptism, June 7th. And also my sister will be coming to stay with us for a month! I am REALLY excited about that! In July we are going up to the camp for the 4th, and then the end is Kevin's cousin's wedding. August we are going to visit my parents in Arkansas, and then the last weekend in September we are going to Ocean City! PHEW! What a summer! Bella is really gonna get used to travelling, and it will really be nice when she starts spacing her feedings out a little more, which she should do soon (I hope!)

Thats all, no pictures this post. I know, you are sad. I will get them off the camera soon and post some for you all!

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