Sunday, April 5, 2009


So we took Bella to Sears to get her pictures done for Easter. I could have easily taken them, but I though it would be nice to have some professional ones done of her. They did a good job, but I think other than the few props they had, I could have easily done the same thing. Once she is a bit older and can sit up better on her own (or with support) then I think it will be better beause she will be able to use more props that they have. She did great though! She never got fussy and was just happy as can be! She did start to get hungry afterwards though, but at least she made it through! I think she is such a good baby, even when she's fussy!

So this is short, I want to do some tummy time with her while she's in a good mood =) Here are a couple of pics!
I took these at home:

from Sears:


  1. your lighting is so much better than theres... I don't like that washed out look on babies. It certianly doesn't hurt that she is sooo cute!!!!

  2. i love taking pictures, i even have a fancy shmancy camera, but i have no idea what half the settings do! lol eventually i would lke to take a photog class. =)

    and you are right, taking great pictures is easy with such a cute subject! =)