Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day was pretty low key for us this year. We went over to Uncle Dan's fr some hot dogs on the grill, and to go swimming in the pool. I was excited about introducing Bella to the pool, but not so much about being in a bathing suit. I pulled out the ones I had from years past. I thought I would be able to get away with my maternity tankini that I wore to the beach last year... no such luck! Because I don't have a belly to hold the top tight anymore, there is ZERO support for the 'girls'. So I pulled out a black one piece that I had. It is supposed to be 'slimming'. Right. If my slimming you mean I look like a beached whale, then sure. So it's not the most flattering, but whatever. It's all I had.

I am just glad that it was just family there. Had there been more people, I probably would not have gone in. LOL We all sat around and relaxed, Bella ate some sweet peas, which she absolutely loved! You can find a video here.

We played in the pool. She was great in the pool, which I knew she would be! I would hold her and she would try to go on her tummy and kick her legs and move her arms! She go her face wet a couple of times and tried to dry her face on my arm, which didn't work because I was wet too! So we gave her a towel and she dried her face on that. It was super cute! I hope to take her there more often so she is comfortable in the water. They hardly use any chlorine either, so I'm
not worried (too much) about the chemicals. Whatever kind of filter they have only uses a half a tablet a day, which apparently is really good. I know nothing about in-ground pools, though.

Anyways, it got dark and cloudy and stormed shortly after that. We all hung out on the screened in porch, and Bella napped next to me on the parachute hammock. It was a great day and we really enjoyed ourselves!

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