Monday, May 25, 2009

I like my peas with honey...

Getting ready for my first taste of Cereal!

So bella is almost 5 months! She is 20 weeks today!

I can NOT believe it! I remember hiting 20 weeks in my pregnancy and finding out the baby was a girl! And now, she is here, and it is just amazing! She is growing so much, and every day she does something that just melts my heart!

She's been nursing a lot more lately. Not more often (thank goodness!) but just more at each session. My mommy instincts were telling me she needs something more. The breast-milk just doesn't seem to be satisfying her! So I bought some rice cereal. I debated about it for a while, read up about it. Rice cereal just seemed like more filler than anything, but I figured at least it would let her practice eating off a spoon.

Her First Bite - She doesn't know what is coming!

As soon as it hit her mouth she made an awful face, and then jerked her head back, you know, the way you do when you eat something bitter, or just completely disgusting? It just makes your whole body jerk? That's what she did. So I tried to give her more. Most of it was coming right back out of her mouth. She absolutely did NOT like rice cereal.

Yuck Mom!

Seriously?!? Why are you giving this to me?

So the rice cereal was given to her 2 days in a row - we used the Beech Nut brand (if that makes any difference). Yesterday we cooked some steaks on the grill and also steamed a bag of frozen sweet peas. I've been reading that a LOT of people just go right into real food, so I figured, what the heck. I took some of the peas before we added the butter and started mashing them in a bowl, only about two sponfulls, if that. I added a little bit of breastmilk I had in a bottle inthe fridge, but Kevin kindly pointed out the skins of the peas would be a problem. So I took a colander and put it on top of a paper plate. I put the peas that I had mashed in the bottom, and took a small spatula and started pushing the peas through the bottom holes. Voila! No skins! I took all the "met" from the peas, which probably equaled up to a tablespoon at best, and added a little bit more breastmilk to thin them just enough that they would stick to the spoon without running out of her mouth like water.

Not again....

This time, we put her in her bouncy seat so she was at a slight incline and not leaning forward like she did in her bumboseat.

Oh no mom, please don't give me some more of that nasty stuff!

At first she wasn't as receptive. I think it had to do with the whole rice cereal episodes.. But then she actually liked it. She spit it back out a couple times, but I think that was more because I put to much in her mouth and not because she didnt like it. She definately wore less of the sweet peas than she did of the rice cereal!

Hey! This isn't so bad!

Mom, you know I can't eat that much at once!

Just let me do it!

After I told her there wasn't any more left.

So sweet peas are a go! She likes them and so far there hasn't been any reaction at all (other than today's massive bath-inducing poop!) I guess I'll have to start buying frozen fruits and veggies to start storing for her! =)

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