Sunday, May 3, 2009

I swear I'm not a Wino.

Last weekend my grandparents drove up from Nashville to visit with us! We had such a wonderful time and I feel so blessed that Bella was able to meet her GREAT grandparents! That weekend was the Wine & Fine Arts festival downtown, so we all went down and had ourselves some wine! I thawed out some milk and had a few bottles ready for Bella... I planned to enjoy myself!

And that I did! We had a WONDERFUL time! Other than it being hot, it was beautiful and we had such good weather and fun with not only my grandparents but some friends as well. We tried many wines, ate some good food, listened to some live music, and checked out some crafts!

I tried many wines, and had a couple glasses of Sangria. Then I tried many more wines. I'm sure I drank more than a responsible mother with a 4 month old should, but gosh darn it, I don't EVER drink, and I LOVE wine, and I missed TWO wine festivals last year while I was pregnant. So I made up a bit. ;)

Overall it was a wonderful visit. I just can't say it enough! I absolutely adore my grandparents, and I wish we lived closer. We plan to stop by to visit them in August on our way either to or from my parents house in Arkansas, since we drive right through Nashville. We are hoping Bella will be able to meet her Great GREAT Granny then!

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