Sunday, May 3, 2009

So some stranger kissed my kid...

It's Apple Blossom!

Friday was the Bloomin' Mile race for the little kids. There is a 10k race on Saturday morning, but that's all grown ups and boring. LOL Bella and I went to watch the race with Kevin's cousin Dana. His other cousin (Dana's brother) was there as well, since both his boys were racing. Obviously I wouldn't have gone had I not known any kids in the race. That would have just been weird. Anyways - there was about five bazillion kids there, all ages, ready to run their little hearts out! We got a good spot right at the start, so we could see the boys and attempt to get pictures!

So we get there and have to park at least a half a mile away, on the top of a hill, no less. I squeezed up against the curb, against a bush, so Dana had to climb over the drivers seat to get out. Fun times! It was a nice walk down to the high school, which is where the race is. Trees and flowers all in bloom! The race starts on the street in front of the high school, then goes up and around and down to some other street and back up to the start. I'm not quite sure of the exact route, but its basically all around the high school. The kids were all excited, and hey, good for them. I doubt you'll see me running around the high school anytime soon. I doubt you'll see me running ANYWHERE anytime soon. Unless you tell me at the end of the race I get some of Dana's yummy guacamole (I'm addicted!)... but that's neither here nor there..

So there we are, standing there, just enjoying ourselves. There is this one older kid.. maybe 12? He was a special needs kid, and was really fascinated with Bella. Since Dana was holding her, he was asking her all kinds of questions. How old is she? What's her name? When was she born? Dana told him I was her mommy and he looked at me and said "Well, you are one very lucky woman." Which I thought was just the sweetest thing! Then he disappeared for a while and then randomly showed back up next to Dana, who was still holding Bella (that's why I bring her along! LOL) And he told her he thought Bella was cute (Again) and asked if her could 'pat' her. Dana said "Sure, But you have to be-" and that's when it happened. He planted a kiss right on her head. "gentle." Then he just walked away. Now, I wasn't sure how to react. Regardless if the child is special needs or not, he meant no harm, and you just can't get mad about a child showing some love to a baby, HOWEVER, I was concerned about the FORCE he had when he planted that kiss right on the top of her head. Dana handed her over to me promptly after that, and apologized a LOT. It wasn't her fault, and it would have happened if I was holding her or anyone else was. Then of course all kinds of things ran through my head - I don't know if this kid is sick, or has anything else.. Heck, with all that's going on, he could have swine flu! (OK, most likely not, but still, the thought crossed my mind!) But I took a deep breath and just rubbed her head and she had no clue what was going on. =)

I got a couple of pics of the boys running, and Bella started to get fussy and after the kissing incident, I was a little paranoid about any other germy kids touching my kid, so I pulled out the Mei Tai that I got as a wonderful surprise gift from a beautiful soul who lives in Texas - Thanks again Heather! - and I put it on and carried her around. First time in public using it, and I did like it. It made the long walk back to the car (UP hill) a bit easier, although I did feel like I was pregnant again with all the weight back in the front. Bella went right to sleep against my chest. =) If I could, I would have just left her on me instead of putting her in her car seat. I got a good pic of the boys together, and on the way I had Dana take a pic of me carrying Bella. I think it came out well.


  1. It was super cool to meet you at apple blossom! Can't wait to get some fun photos of your sweet bella. my email is give me a hollar and perhaps we can plan something fun for later this week... I am brain storming props such. This is such a cool "apple blossomy" blog... love it! Oh and BTW I think it should be legal to velcro your kids to the wall.. I mean heck... they have those wierd toilet stall hangers...
    Hahaha... this is so strange to me.. I should blog about it :)

  2. Oh and here is a link to my first official baby photo shoot (was my nephew) about 4 or 5 months ago... feel free to browse my flickr also for other ideas.

  3. Cool! I will check it out! We are actually going out of town tomorrow for a week, so you have time to think up some ideas! Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can get some pics outside too! =)