Monday, May 18, 2009

What do you do when you don't want to cook? You break the oven!

So, today I decided to clean the oven. There was food on the bottom that just continued to burn every time we cooked something and it was driving me crazy. So i get the oven cleaner and read the can, I've never used it before so I wasn't sure how it worked. Tuns out you gotta spray it carefully inside, you can't get it on any heating elements or coils, then it sits for two hours, then you are supposed to be able to wipe the crud away, but you still have to continually rinse it with water. Hm. That doesn't sound like fun, let alone something I can easily do with a 4month old baby! So this oven we have has this 'self-clean' function. You just flip the handle and push the button and 3 hours later - clean oven! Well I've never used it before either, but I thought to myself "This has to be easier than the other stuff, right?". So that's what I did.

Bella woke up from her nap and I went to get her. I'm sitting on my chair nursing Bella, and I smell something burning. Then I lean back and look into the kitchen and see smoke and there was this bright glowing I could see through the window of the oven door. I jump up and unlatch Bella and run in there, it's on fire! I Yell for Kevin, run down the hallway - "KEVIN! KEVIN! THE OVEN IS ON FIRE!" Of course he is sleeping, so he's not completely registering - "What? Why is it on fire?" Me: "I don't know, I turned on the self-cleaning thing and now it's on fire!!!" So he gets up and comes in there. No fire. Just the heating element glowing. He glares at me and goes "It's just the crap burning off." And he goes back to bed.

After that nothing. I let it finish and finally it is done. I go over and open it up to look inside, after all, I want to see how well it worked! The first thing I notice is something on the bottom. I look closer.. it's the heating element. SUPER. So by now Kevin has already woken up, and he hears me go "SH**!" And he asks what is wrong, and I go "We gotta buy a new oven." So he comes in and looks at it, and is like "It's okay, we should be able to just replace that part". Thank goodness, because we cannot afford a new oven AT ALL.

So tonight we are grilling hot dogs and having sweet potatoes and maybe some fries.

Here's the inside of my oven.

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