Monday, June 1, 2009

End of the month Post!

Well, I'm a day late, so technically this is the beginning of the month post! LOL

Yesterday we started Bella on sweet potatoes! Not sure what she thinks of them, I fed her too soon after nursing her, and so she wasn't really all that interested, even though she did eat most of what I made! Here's how Imade the sweet potatos!

1 sweet potato
water (i used bottled water)
Breastmilk (if you have it, or not, your call)

peel and cube the sweet potato. Bite-size pieces work best. Put them in a pot with just enough water to barely cove them. Steam/boil until tender (this is why smaller pieces are better!) once pieces are tender, mash them up. I use my Magic Bullet, but you can use your own blender, or mash them by hand. Use the water inthe pan to thin them out. (I didn't have much left though) This way any nutrients that were leeched out into the water, is put back into the food.

Continue to mix/mash until you get the deired contistency. I used EBM (expressed Breastmilk) to thin it out further, and also some extra bottled water. I am pretty sure that what I made will last me all week, as I only feed her solids once a day, and she's only eating about 2 tablespoons, if that. So that's it! Easy Peasy!

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