Monday, June 8, 2009

Feeling blessed!

This past weekend our little girl was baptised. It was a very hectic weekend and there were a few moments that I though I must have been crazy to have made it such a big deal, but now that it is over, I think it was such a wonderful weekend, and I would not have changed a thing!

Tuesday was a photo shoot. We met the photographer at an antique shop in Paris, Virginia. We took some absolutely creative and beautiful pictures of Bella. She was a dream the whole day - did not fuss at all! was happy and smiling and cooperative! Becky is a great photographer, and if you need pictures done, PLEASE tell her I referred you! She will NOT disappoint you!

Wednesday my sister arrived with my nephew! I was soo excited for her to come and stay with us! During the day I cleaned up the house and prepared for them to arrive. They got in around 3:30pm. We unloaded and then pretty much just relaxed the rest of the evening.

Thursday we went grocery shopping for everything we needed for the cookout on Saturday. It was a couple of trips due to Bella's nursing and Austin's naps, but we did it all! That was a pretty exhausting day!

Friday we cleaned the house, and prepared some things ahead of time for Saturday. I feel like that day was really busy as well, but I couldn't tell you anything else we did! haha! We were supposed to go decorate for the party, but weren't able to because of the rain. BLAH RAIN! It had been raining ALL WEEK!

Saturday! Big party day! We went over and decorated and set up and got ready for the party! By the time 3pm came around I was a total stressed-out anxious mess, but it all went sooo well! Everyone was there and it was just so wonderful to have so much support there for our little girl. We ate and swam and just visited all with each other, friends and family, and it was just a beautiful, wonderful, special day!

Sunday was the BIG DAY! We got up and got ready, got to the church and Bella was wonderful all through Mass and all during the ceremony! Father Krempa kept mentioning how big and beautiful her eyes were, and she even made him smile! We did lots of pictures and I just can't believe how great the weather was all weekend, especially after all the rain. God was certainly looking down on us this past weekend and gave us wonderful weather!

Growing up I never had that much family around for those kinds of events. With my dad in the military, we were usually far away from all family, so birthdays and holidays were celebrated with just us, and friends from wherever we were living at the time. Having family within driving distance is just so, so wonderful. I know I may complain about all my my family sometimes, and how I get frustrated with them, but I do love them, and I am soooo grateful to have them so close that we can all be together for special events throughout the year. It meant even more that my sister was able to come up for it. She was the only person from MY family that was there. I so wish that more would have been able to come, but they all live a lot farther than Kevin's side does. ANYWAYS!

I just can't describe how wonderful I felt, to see how much we are loved, and how much love there is for this little girl. We got some really good ones, and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get all the pics up on our share-site. The pic in this blog is one that Becky took. Please visit these links, and if you decide to use Becky for pictures, let her know I referred you!

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