Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sometimes you just gotta ask for what you want!

We used to have DirecTV. We loved it, had the NFL package, it was great. The only thing that wasn't so great was that the trees around our house blocked the HD signal, so we could not get HD channels. No big deal to me, but for Kevin, it was a big deal. So finally we decided to switch to Comcast, so we could get the HD channels. We switched, and although no NFL package, we could deal since his uncle has the package at his house, and they live like, 2 minutes away.

Well, we've had issues ever since! First the guy that set us up told me that they do not give out the HDMI cables. He also gave us an OLD OLD box, and said that we could only record one show at a time, and had to watch what we were recording (which was completely dumb!) So after he left we had issues with the box, it wouldn't record at all so Kevin called the Comcast office, and they said to brig in the box. He did and they told him the box wasn't even one that they use anymore, and that we should never have even gotten that box! So they gave us a new one, and some HDMI cables, AND it will record a show and you can watch another, or it will record two shows but you have to watch one of the two recording. SUPER! Well, since then, the issues have been varied, but started with the "sports package" and some of those channels not showing up, to basic signal issues (they've reset our box numerous times), to most recently, the DVR function is not working. Not only can we NOT record, we can't even watch what has already been recorded. Oh, and last week, the OnDemand was not working. BLAH! So I was fed up when I called.

I was polite and nice, but told her I wanted to make a formal complaint and have it documented. I explained everything to her, and she apologized, made an appointment for the tech to come out and fix the problem, and advised me to call back in the morning and speak with someone in the Retention Department. So today I did just that. I called and after going through a million automated options, finally went to the billing department (they always pick up the fastest! ) and asked to be transferred. The guy wanted all kinds of info and at first would not transfer me because I was not 'on the account'. Eventually I got through, even though I started to get short with him, I took a deep breath and remembered that I once was a customer service rep, and he was only doing his job.

The lady I talked to at first though I was just making a complaint, but after explaining to her that I was referred, she started to listen. I told her that the price difference between what we had with DirecTV and what we have now wasn't that significant, and we hardly ever had any issues with our satellite service. She countered that even if she lowered the bill, we would still have the problems and we should have a tech come out. I told her a tech was already scheduled for Friday and that at this point, the only way we would stick with Comcast would be if we could get a better deal. So she typed away and clickety clacked for a minute, and came back and said she could save us $20 a month, and that it would be good for a year. =)

I thanked her and told her I greatly appreciate it, as this made a bigger gap in the prices between the two services, and hopefully we can get the service fixed and not have any more issues. She was pleasant and very nice. Her name was Rhonda, and when I get time, I will try to send an email to customer service letting them know how helpful she was!

Lesson to all - whining and crying only gets you so far, but if you are nice, and pleasant you can usually get what you want, or at least a compromise!

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