Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th everyone!

Bella really loves the oatmeal! She enjoys every last drop!

We are heading out to the camp tomorrow morning. As I sit here and type this, there are about a hundred other things that need to be done. Laundry, ours and Bella's. Dishes. Packing. Loading up the car. Sweep, dust, vacuum, mop, put away the ribs Kevin made for lunch. Yet, Here I am, blogging about what I SHOULD be doing. Pretty standard if you ask me.

So I am excited to go, but also nervous about how it will work out, with Bella and in the tent and whatnot. maybe we will bring the monitor, and Bella can sleep inside with everyone, and we can camp outside, just Kevin and I. Hey, that sounds like a great idea. At least for one night. Scratch that, just found out other childrens will be sleeping in our tent as well. Ah Well, so much for romantic night in the tent. At least we can sit next to the campfire together and make S'mores.
After the oatmeal! Getting all cleaned up!

Anyways, there will be no internet, and and almost no cell signal. Occasionally you can get cell service if you stand next to a certain tree with one leg in the air and tilt your head to the side. Oh, and which tree you stand next to can change at any moment, including when you are on the phone already. Fun times.

Family events always make me spastic. I don't know why though. I guess I just anticipate EVERYTHING that could happen and I get all worked up. Like, will Bella be cranky, will there be drama, will I be able to stay calm when I am tired and cranky and everyone irritates me, will I be able to not snap at Kevin when he's not helping me with Bella because he's relaxing and drinking and no longer paying attention. Yes, all these things will happen this weekend. My goal is to just stay relaxed and just let everything go.

So, wanna hear something funny? I know you do. So I was typing the stuff up above, and suddenly I heard a noise. The same noise that woke me up at 6:30am this morning. Lizzy. Puking. On the carpet. Right next to the recliner I'm sitting in. Effing Super. So the past 30 minutes I have spend cleaning the carpet. This wasn't the easy-to clean up, light colored stuff. This was the "I've-been-digging-and-eating-dirt-and-rocks-all-day" stuff. I cleaned up what I could with paper towels and oxy-clean but it just wasn't coming out. So out came the Bissel. I'm SO happy Kevin got it for me for Christmas. And so I cleaned the carpet, plus two other areas that she puked on earlier today while I was out and Kevin was home. Those weren't as dark. But yeah, funny stuff, huh?

Anyways. I just flipped the laundry. Folded/hung up what was in the dryer, put the wet stuff in the dryer and put in the last load of our clothes. Next comes Bella's, which is easy because it's just one load. And pretty much everything getting washed will get packed. She is asleep now. Poor baby was out running all over own with me today. She didn't get a good morning nap, so she's napping now. I SHOULD be doing everything I can to pack, but really, there isn't much I can do until the laundry is all done. I can't pack the car until I have the suitcases packed. I already put Gabby's crate and situated everything for the pooches. Put the pop in, and I guess I could go put the beer cases in there too. But I'll have to wait and figure out how it all is going to fit. Hopefully it all will.On the rare occasion I turn the T.V. on, Bella very much enjoys to watch Miss Spider on Noggin.

I love my dogs, I really do, but I get so frustrated with them. It's so hard to go anywhere, because Gabby has to be crated because she gets car sick, and lizzy almost ALWAYS gets gassy and stinks up the whole car. We can't leave them because we can't afford to have someone house-sit. They can't just stay out all day with no one here, and they need to probably go out at least 3x a day. Anyways, if I didn't love them so much, I would get rid of them. But I do love them, and I would miss them if they weren't here.

So, I suppose now I will go clean up the Kitchen and figure out what all I need to pack and make a note of some things i should not forget in the morning. I hope you all have a great and safe weekend!

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