Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Fourth Of July!


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had a great time up at the camp! We left Friday mid-morning and got up there around 5pm. It was a long drive, but Bella was pretty good! This was the first time we took a long trip without bottles. It worked out pretty well, and in the end it was sooooo much easier than having to take milk and keep it cold and/or frozen. No bottles to keep clean or take up space. I know I packed WAY too much, but hey, I'd rather have to much than not enough. Packing for the trip to my parents' house in August will be fun for sure!
Camping out is great!

Anyway, we got in and set up our tent! We all camped outside Friday night! Kevin's parent's and the girls (our nieces) stayed inside the camp, but Missy, Bryan, Christopher and us all camped out. It got cold, but we did okay, and Bella stayed pretty warm. We put the Pack N Play inside the tent, and I brought warm jammies, a warm sleep sack, PLUS a fleece swaddle. Overkill? Maybe. But it was only in the 50s at night! Turns out I forgot the fleece swaddle, in fact, I forgot a swaddle completely! Bella has NEVER slept without a swaddle unless she is in her car seat, or she falls asleep nursing. I was soo nervous about it! We sat around the fire for a while, and eventually she fell asleep on me. I put her to bed in the tent and she did okay. She did wake up once, and I gave her binky back, and she went back to sleep. Then, she woke up again to eat, and her little cheeks were cold, so I brought her to bed on the air mattress with us. It was cramped, but it worked out. It was only for a couple hours anyways.
The firepit!

I loved waking up Saturday morning and just stepping outside and feeling the sunlight and smelling the fire. It was just great! Scott, Sara and Grant got there on Saturday, and they also set up a tent. It is always great to see them, since we don't see them often. Aunt Sandra also came up, along with a few other people. We cooked out over the fire - hot dogs, sausages, deer meat, corn and had a ton of other sides! We played corn hole and really just sat around outside and chatted. Bella was a doll, as usual!
My Beautiful Nieces!

Saturday night was a bit colder, so we pulled an extension cord from the garage and hooked up a small heater in our tent. We could have put Bella inside, but I wanted to camp outside, and I knew she would want to eat in the middle of the night. With no bottles, she had to be where I was! Our tent was super toasty, so we didn't have to worry about being cold at all! At some point Lizzy got a hold of some corn cobs during the day.. we found out when she puked all over Kevin's side of the air mattress! Fun times! At least it was on Kevin's side! HAHA! Sunday we just hung out in the morning. Took down the tents and everyone left except Kevin, Bella and I; and Kevin's parents. We took a ride into town, went to the mall and I got Bella a super cute jumper at Sears for only $3.99! I LOVE clearance! I also found a super cute purse that would have been perfect as a diaper bag, but even on clearance it was $35 and I just couldn't find a good reason to buy it. Ah well! I got an upset stomach on the way there, and for the rest of the day I really felt crappy. I don't know what it was, but I just felt nauseous. We ate at Bob Evans, and I felt a little bit better, but once we started going again, I got sick to my stomach, and also had a bad headache. It wasn't until we got back to the camp and I was out of the car for a while that I started to feel better.Celebrating her first 4th of July!

We slept inside Sunday night. It just made sense and we didn't want to have to fold up a tent and all that Monday morning. All in all it was a beautiful weekend and I am sooo glad we went up there! Bella loved being outside and sitting in the grass. Kevin just loves being up there, and I just love to sit around the fire roasting marshmallows! Next year will be soo much fun with her running around!

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