Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ready for another....

So, I've always wanted at least 2 kids. There is no secret there. After having Bella, I decided I wanted three, or even four! I really had such an easy pregnancy with her, that I could totally see myself continuing to have babies.. just like the Duggars! Okay, not really. Four would be my limit for sure. Anyways.. I digress. Point is, I always knew I wanted more than one. I also knew I would wait until the first is potty trained (or just about) before having the next, because I didn't want two babies in diapers.

Well, I think I'm ready now. I've not gone back on the pill, and I wont because I don't want it to mess with my breastfeeding. I'm not worried about getting pregnant, and we aren't doing anything to prevent it from happening either. We've discussed it, and we both want another one sooner than two years, if possible.

We are hoping and praying I won't have to do another IVF, or any treatments. We shall see how it goes as time goes on. First thing I really need to do is get this pesky cyst on my left side taken care of. Hopefully that will be done this fall. I think that is a major reason we had such a hard time getting pregnant.

The thought is exciting and a bit scary. But that is where we are..not really trying, but not really preventing it from happening either. Just.. if it happens it happens. God will give us a baby and lead up in the right path, whatever it might be. I just hope it means more babies at some point.

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