Monday, August 31, 2009

Sneak Preview of Fall!

Always Camera Ready! Purchased the headband at Pinkabella in Hot Springs mall.

The weather today was absolutely perfect. warm, with a nice cool breeze, and sunny! It makes me think of all things fall - the colors, the smell of apples and cinnamon, pumpkins, Halloween, thanksgiving... I love it all.
Tasting a yummy biscuit at Corky's in Little Rock, Arkansas

Growing up Summer was always my favorite, then came spring. Now, I am in love with fall. I just love everything about it. Summer is nice, I like being able to go to the pool, but most days is too hot to do anything comfortably. Spring is nice, but full of mud and rain, though I do love pretty blooming flowers. Winter? Well, the snow is pretty, but I am not a fan of cold weather, AT ALL. I can't completely hate it though, since winter brought me my beautiful Isabella Grace.

Safari Guide Bella (getting ready for huntin' season!)

Speaking of Miss Bella, let me give you an update on her! That's the whole reason you read this blog anyway, not to find out which season is my favorite. Bella is almost 8 months, which reminds me, I need to update the pics on the sidebar of this thing. Man, being on vacation for two weeks can really throw you off! We've been back a week, but I am just now feeling like I can get back into a routine.
Gonna be a heartbreaker!

Bella is now army crawling all over the place! She pulls with her left arm, and pushes with her right leg. It's really rather cute, and I do have a video of it, just have to get it off the camera and post it on youtube. Like I said, I'm WAY behind on a lot of things! She is really quick too! Another thing she LOVES to do is pull herself up using your hands. If you hold your hands out, she will pull herself up, then look around with this big grin on her face as if she is saying "Look what I did!" Of course, we all cheer and clap, so now she looks at each person in the room to see if they are clapping and cheering for her!! She is close to pulling herself up on the side of her crib too, so I can see us lowering the mattress in the near future. Lucky for us, she still sleeps in a sleep sack, so she can't really get up on her own. If she's in there playing, while I'm putting her clothes away or whatever, she can just about get up there.. boy is she getting big! She babbles and babbles... her vocabulary consists of 'mama', 'blah blah (bbbbbaa bbbbaaa)' and she has said 'dada' twice so far. When she gets tired, she starts doing what we call a little motor boat "ah-bbbbbbbbbbbuh" and blowing raspberries. This is also super cute to see, I don't think I have a video though. We shall see! She eats solids twice a day - oatmeal/fruit in the morning around 11, and then two or three fruit/veggies for dinner at 7. After dinner is a bath and then play for a bit and bed is *usually* around 8:30 or 9pm, but with all the travelling, I think her body is still re-adjusting. She has also been waking up to eat at night, which I need to try and break her of. There really shouldn't be any reason for her to eat at 4am.

This past weekend she pulled herself up on the end table, but only that one time! And today, she went from her tummy to a sitting position! Only once on that too... just a sign of what is to come! I need to REALLY start baby proofing! I bought outlet covers.. but, well they aren't all on yet. My biggest concern at this point is the baseboard heater.. she likes to stick her hand in it and try to "strum" on the heating element.. which, is sharp, and dirty, and in the winter will also be HOT. She's got a couple of tiny little cuts on her fingers.. not even deep enough to bleed, jut the top layer of skin really, but still! We will have to find a way to cover it or block it, without blocking the heat!! Bella is an all around happy baby, and I am grateful for that! She has a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes, and her hair is growing fast these days! starting to come over her ears a teensy bit! Still not enough to put in a clip or a "whale spout" but that's okay! The time will come and I'll be able to put ridiculously cute bows in her hair!

Bella is going to model some clothes for a site called GennySue Baby Boutique. The photographer is a wonderful person named Rebekah Gonzalez, who Bella has modeled for before, and she also did Bella's baptism pictures. I think Bella is absolutely beautiful, and so does our family. Is she gorgeous enough to be a model? Well, as a mother, of course I think so. But I get sooo many comments on how beautiful she is. Maybe it's just me? I get a lot of comments on her beauty, and that just makes me feel so good. Perhaps it was just me, who worried whether or not my child would be beautiful. Of course I feel she is, but other people? And all the constant comments really make me feel good about it. Anyways, the modeling thing, don't worry, you won't see me on any episode of "Little Miss Perfect" or "Toddlers and Tiaras". There will be no spray-tanning of my child, false eyelashes, or makeup for that matter! If she is ever entered into a beauty pageant, it will be an all-natural, just for fun kinda thing.

As for me, I'm doing well. I am going to start walking and/or Shredding again. Since tomorrow is the first day of September, I plan to start tomorrow. It is supposed to be cooler this week, so walking will be more appealing to me. As for the shredding, well I started before then got hurt and just lost it, so I'm going to get into it again, and hopefully be able to stick with it and get in shape and lose some weight. I'm going to try to diet too. Adjust what I eat to be healthier. We do have a lot of junk food, but I am going to force myself to try and snack on what's healthy that we have, or not at all. I need to up my water intake as well, I am not drinking nearly as much as I should. I know by upping my water intake, it will help with my appetite, and also help with my skin, which is already starting to get dry, which is NOT a good sign for the winter. I go through lotion like there's no tomorrow.

Snoozing on mommy and Great Nanny and Grandpa's house in Nashvile, TN

I cut my hair! Its a lot shorter, and colored so nicely. I do straighten my hair to make it look it's best, but I can work with it curly too. I actually prefer to straighten it, but I know I will not always have time to do that.. since it takes me at least 20 minutes to do. I've never been a high maintenance girl, so this is kinda new to me, but I like it. It makes me feel good, like a HUMAN, not just some zombie in yoga pants and an over sized t-shirt. haha!

Well, that's all for tonight! My brother-in-law had a safe trip and is now home from Iraq/Afghanistan, which is just wonderful, Bella is sleeping soundly, and I've got some laundry going.. I'm just enjoying my "me" time tonight, and relaxing!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting so Big!

We have been on vacation at my mom's house. I updated a couple times right after we got there but was just too busy/tired to really update. We got home late Sunday, I spent all day Monday doing laundry, and today we went grocery shopping.

We had a wonderful time at my mom's house, and really enjoyed spending time with them and the rest of my family. I do wish that we had spent more time with my Uncle and my Grandma. There just never seems enough time to do it all, and we were there for almost 2 weeks! We had a picnic on the lake and also did some swimming and fishing there too. That was the best day. Everyone was there, except my Uncle, who was not feeling well. Next year we want to maybe camp out there a night or two. The place we were at is called Joplin Campgrounds, and it is right on Lake Ouachita. It was just a wonderfully beautiful day, even though I did get bit by a horsefly!

I look forward to seeing my family every year, because they live so far away. Last year we did not go because I was pregnant and Kevin was saving his leave. My sister came up for Thanksgiving, and my parents came up after Bella was born. So I have seen them, but it is still hard for me. I was just soo excited to go down there. =) We did a lot of shopping and we bought Bella a new carseat. One that just stays in the car and converts to a forward facing seat, and goes up to 100lbs. It was kinda sad, but she fits so much better in it! Her legs were sooo long in the other one, this one gives her a bit more room. We also snagged a great deal on a wireless printer (Kodak). Bella got a TON of clothes from m mom, sister, and Aunt. We also did a bit of shopping at this HUGE consignment shop, so I got her a few outfits there too. They are abit bigger, so she can't wear them yet, but they should fit well in the Fall/Winter.

She is still not crawling, but is now pulling herself with her arms, army-crawl style! No teeth yet either, but she seems to be teething a lot more now, so maybe soon? She is also SUPER needy the past couple days. Monday I could barely leave the room to go bathroom witout her crying! At one point she wasn't happy unless I was sitting on the floor with her. Not playing with her, but that I was on the floor with her. Today was a bit better but she was still a tad bit fussy.

I got her in the bad habit of coming into bed with mommy and daddy while we were on vacation. She was waking up at night while we were there, since she was in the PnP in the same room, but I would be soo sleepy, that I would bring her into bed with me if it was like 5 or 6am when she woke up. So this morning she wakes up around 6, and guess what? would not go back to sleep in her crib. I nursed her and then laid her back down, no go. Brought her to bed finally, and she went right to sleep! Little brat! but I love her, and as hard as it will be, I will break her of this habit too.

I made her Butternut Squash tonight for dinner. She liked it, but it's probably not her favorite food so far. I've been giving her two different things at dinner lately too, which she seems to enjoy. Well, who am I kidding? This kid enjoys pretty much everything I feed her! While we were in Arkansas, we took a drive to Little Rock and had lunch at Corky's.. well she decided she liked the biscuits! It was super cute, and she got mad when I would try to take it away!

Another night after Bella and Austin went down for a nap, we made a fire in the fire pit and made s'mores and took some goofy pics (did I post about this before, I don't remember! ) Anyways, we really enjoyed that, even though a gigantic beetle tried to chop off my sister's foot!

We left on Friday, and drove to Nashville and spent the weekend at my Grandparents house. Friday night we had pizza and visited with my Aunt, Uncle, cousin and his fiancee, then Saturday there was quite a large Gathering, and Bella got to mee a lot of her Great aunts, her grandpa (my biological dad) and also her great great granny. It was such a wonderful weekend and next time we go through nashville, we plan to stay a bit longer there. One day just didnt seem like enough time to visit with them.

Sunday was a super long trip home. what should have been a 9hour drive turned out to be a 12 1/2 hr drive. She wanted to eat just about every 2 - 2 1/2 hours, plus traffic (there was a big race in Bristol on Saturday, so they were all leaving on Sunday). Lots of Buses, campers, RVs, and tractor-trailers, which made it a pain as well. But we made it, in one piece, and that is what matters. This week is spent straightening up the house and getting ready for Kevin's parents to come down for the weekend. Seriously, I need a vacation from my vacation! LOL

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Growing Bigger...

Well, we went and bought Bella a larger carseat. It was on sale at Sam's club (about 40% cheaper than anywhere else I've seen this one!) So we went ahead and got it. Poor girl is just getting too long for her carrier! I haven't put it in yet, we shall see when I have time.

Bella pulled herself up once on one of Austin's toys.. I'm waiting for her to do it again.. lol

Our visit is going really well. I'm having a great time, and I am already starting to feel sad about leaving the end of the week.

Yesterday we made a fire in my dad's fire pt and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. We all goofed around and had a great time laughing and being obnoxiously loud and silly. There were a few times I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants! lol...

Anyways, today we are just relaxing, may hit up the mall for a bit.. not sure what we are doing Monday, but Tuesday we are going fishing and having a picnic out on Lake Ouichita (pronounced wash-it-aw). After that David goes back to school and my parents go back to work. We are supposed to leave Friday... but maybe we will leave Thursday. We shall see. I don't really want to leave, but at the same time, i want to spend some extra time with my grandparents in Nashville. We shall see how it goes!

That's my quick update.. I know there are no pictures, I'll have some eventually, but I've hardly been on my laptop, I'm just enjoying spending time with my family!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Follow me...

So I'm adding a button on the side panel (haven't decided which side, probably the right) for you to follow me. If you like to read my blog, please follow me! You don't get anything special, or win any prize, but I get to know who is reading my blog. Supposedly, only 4 people are, since that is all that is following me!

That is all!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday my sister and I went to Sears and had pictures done together with our kids. It was a decent experience. Austin got super fussy and started throwing fits, and Bella for some reason did not want to smile, unless she was in the picture by herself. LOL What a little Diva! In the end, the pics all came out beautifully and I'm glad we did it!

Austin is a handful though, he is almost two. He throws fits and hits and pinches, but I think it's all part of the age. I have plenty of patience for him, but my sister, not as much. I am sure it is because I am not with him all day every day, and she is, so obviously her patience is worn thin. I feel bad because I want to help, but there isn't anything I really can do, other than try to calm him myself. I do pray for her to have more patience with him, and for him to quickly move past this stage!

There are a few birthdays coming up this week, and I need to get cards mailed out. I know Sara reads my blog - so Happy Birthday Sara! I'll try to get your card out, but it may not be until after i get back from vacation! Missy and Dave - not sure if they read it at all, but if you do, same for you! And Grandpa Freeman - we'll see you next week! =)

We also visited with my grandma yesterday. She was soo happy to see Bella.. it was the first time they've met! I got to look through some old photos too, and although she told me to take them all, I really don't have room, or know what to do with them, so it's best they stay with her for now. Eventually I would like to have them, but like I said, I don't have the storage space for them now.

Today we are going to Little Rock to do some shopping, plus Kevin has never been to Little Rock, only seen it as we've driven around it. I'm excited because I haven't been in a long time either, and I am always up for a shopping trip! Speaking of, I think I better go get in the shower and get going!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

on vacation!

Well, we are finally at my paren'ts house! It was a long trip, but we are finally here! Bella was fantastic in the car, and was only fussy a few times when she was hungry (and we were looking for a place to stop) or she was fighting sleep. She did end up staying up later at night, but it was expected because she slept most of the day!

We got on the road about 6am Sunday morning (I was up at 3:45am!) and we made it to my grandparent's house in Nashvile about 3:30pm. There is an hour time difference, so, according to our clocks, it was 4:30. Still great time, I think! We had a wonderful dinner and visit with my Aunt Nancy, Uncle Mike, my cousin Matt and his NEW FIANCEE Carolina! This was the first time I met her, and she is such a sweetie. I really like her, although we didn't get to spend too much time together!

We left Mnday morning from there house at 8.. stopped at the gas station to fill up.. got a cal, we had left her bottles in the fridge. I brought a couple of bottles just in case I wasn't going to be able to stop when she got hungry, and also so we didnt have to stop as often. So back we went. Thankfully we were just right up the road! We made ok time, stopped a bit more, but got to my parents house about 4pm.

Yesterday we just unloaded and relaxed a bit, played some Wii, I caught up on BB11, and we ate, gave Bella a bath and finally she went to bed about 9:30pm (which was like 10:30 to her! SUPER late!) and I went to bed about 11. She was up at her normal time, but the clock read 6am! LOL this time change sure is going to be fun for the next few days!

Today we are taking Bella and my nephew Austin to Sears to get their pictures done together. I really hope the kids do well. After that, I'm not sure what we have planned! I'm just excited to be here and on vacation. It's "hotter than Hades", as my husband would say... that's okay, we will survive!

I've included a few pics from the trip from my Grandparents house in Nashville to my mom's house. I didn't get any of our visit there, because the camera was packed (D'Oh!)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This is a GREAT site to find AWESOME deals! There is one new "steal" a day, and quantities are limited, but the items are SOOO cute! From Halo Swaddlers to Robeez, and anything and everything in between, this is the place to check out!

Getting ready for the long haul....

To my parents house! It will be a very long trip, and hopefully, Miss Bella will be good in the car! We are leaving the dogs here, and having Kevin's Aunt and Uncle come over in the mornings to let them out and feed them (and the cats) and then in the evenings, the daughter of their good friend will come over and spend some time with them, at least an hour, letting them be outside and she will also feed all of them. This will be our first time travelling without them, and Kevin and I are both nervous about it. The reason is because there are already 6 dogs at my mom's house, her four, plus my sister's two. That's more than enough dogs. The other reason is that we have to stop overnight in Nashville, there is no way we could make the trip in one shot, with or without the dogs. If we don't have the dogs, we can stay with my grandparents, if we take them, we have to get a hotel. On the way back we intend to stay and visit for a couple days in Nashville, so in total we could potentially need a hotel for at least 3 nights. We are paying Hope (The girl coming in the afternoons) $10 a day, which is actually less than a hotel (based on my internet research). Plus, we don't have the hassle of traveling with the dogs.

I'm soo excited, and have a ton to do, in fact, at this moment, I should be washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. I'm a bit odd I guess. Whenever we go on vacation, I want to leave with the house CLEAN! I want to come back to a nice clean house and not have to worry about it. Plus, I know I will need to do some MAJOR vacuuming and also laundry when we get back. So the cleaner I can get it before we leave, the better. It is Wednesday night.. we leave at 0-dark-thirty Sunday morning.. so I better get hopping. Friday and Saturday will be laundry days, and last minute cleaning, and packing. I'm going to be super stressed the next couple days, but once we are on the road I will be sooo happy!

On top of getting to see my family, and letting Bella meet more of my side of the family (she's only met my parents, brother and sister so far), this is a much needed rest for Kevin. He's been working sooo much, in fact, he went in tonight for some last minute overtime. I was irritated, but at the same time I really feel like I can't be irritated because we need it, and there isn't much OT these days. So, I deal. Would I have liked him to be home? Of course, but I understand. I choose not to work, I want to be here for my daughter's first year (At least), so this is the sacrifice I have to make. I'm so lucky that he allows me to stay home. Yes. I said it, he ALLOWS me to. He could very easily tell me I need to get a job, but he doesn't want her in daycare any more than I do. Kids in daycare get sick so much more, and I just don't know that I would feel comfortable at this point, putting her in one. I mean, I've worked in MULTIPLE day cares.. I know the basics and how they work; and what goes on. Not that they are all bad, but.. I dunno.. if I could have my way, I'd like to wait until she is at least 2, MAYBE 3. I do believe that it is good for social interaction, but at this age.. eh, she's got a playmate that we visit with every now and again. And once we are done travelling, I hope to visit with them more often.

Tomorrow I am driving out to Clifton to see Brooke and Ryan's new house! I'm so excited! They haven't moved any furniture in yet, so we are going to have a "picnic" =) in their house. Just gonna go for a couple hours, then back home and Hope will come over in the evening to get the lay of the land and what she needs to do, Kevin's cousin is bringing hi boys over, they will clean up and mow the lawn once while we are gone, and I need to cut Kevin's hair, clean up the spare room, and I want to REALLY clean the bathrooms. Like, clean the tubs (Although, I'm thinking more and more that the tubs just aren't gonna get done!)

Anyways, I will try to update while I am gone, although I am not sure I will be able to. I'm sure I'll find time to do a quick update though. And be sure to expect a TON of pictures on my share site when I get back!

Monday, August 3, 2009

6 months!

Time is flying by! It seems just yesterday my precious little girl was just a faint glimmer of hope.

One year ago, I was 3 months pregnant. Only 3 months! Feeling nauseous, feeling bloated, severe heartburn.. but I was pregnant.. and I didn't hide it from anyone. I was secretly hoping for a girl, but just "knew" it would be a boy, because hey, isn't that Murphy's law or something? Obviously, Murphy wasn't listening.. but anyhow...

Miss Bella hit the 6 month mark the beginning of July, but her 6 month
checkup wasn't until just last week.

At 6 (and a half) months, She is sitting up on her own (Although she hasn't figured out hot to get into a sitting position yet). She gets up on all fours and can rock back and forth, move backwards, and occasionally lunges forward and does a beautiful face plant. She typically doesn't cry though, unless someone starts fussing about her doing it. She rolls/scoots/half-army-crawls all over the living room. She gets around in her walker better than any kid I've seen (although, I've not seen many these days). She can blow raspberries, and can say "mama" and "blah blah blah" which sounds like "ah-buh-buh-buh". I'm not teaching her baba (bottle) since she doesn't get one.

I've thought about baby sign language, but not sure if I have the determination or patience to do it. I don't feel a Strong urge to do it, although a couple of signs would be nice... "more" "eat" "change". At her checkup Bella was 15lbs 15oz, and 27.5 inches long. She is in the 50% for weight, and 75% for length! My tall skinny girl! She does have som
e rolls on her though!
At this very moment, she is playing on the floor with some books. Specifically "Biscuit's Pet & Play Easter". Apparently, it is super yummy, and also make a cool sound when you hit it. =)
We are still nursing during the night. She goes to bed about 8 or 830pm, then wakes up usually by midnight to nurse, then goes back down for about 7-8 hours. Sometimes sh switches it up and does the long stretch first... and wakes mommy up at 3 or 4. I'm not a big fan of that though, and try to discourage it by letting her fuss longer, in hopes she goes back to sleep. Really, it doesn't matter because if she is up crying, I am up too. But I feel by going in there, it is teaching her that 3am feedings are okay. The midnight one I will work on breaking, but it doesn't bother me so much. She is nursing less because she is on solids twice a day, so I know she needs the extra nursing.

She is also getting long for her carrier carseat. I feel that in the next month or two, we will have to switch up to a larger convertible one. Fortunately for us, Kevin's parents have offered to buy it when we are ready. I just need to do some good research on them and see what I like and what will be the best. I plan to get one that can go as LONG as possible with her. Before she was born, I was advised to not ever get a carrier one, because it will only last a few months and then we'd have to buy another one. This is true, but I like the convenience of the carrier, and being able to let her sleep instead of always waking her up when we get somewhere. My advice is, get the carrier kind, unless you don't have a problem waking up a sound asleep baby, then having them fuss through Wal-Mart.

My couponing has trailed off, but we aren't buying as much these days anyhow. I haven't sat down and gone through the coupons in a couple of weeks, and they are building up quick. I will sit through them soon, and I plan to take them to my mom's when we go down there next week. Most I won't use, of course, but some I will, especially for things I will be able to bring back home. (Mostly baby stuff if I find good deals).

Bella is wearing size 3-6 months now. Some 6-9 will fit her, but at for onesies its 3-6. or just 6m. The 6-9 fit her in length just a tad bit too long, but are really baggy around her midsection. Anything with feet has to be 6-9, and pants.. 6-9 are good as well, although a bit big in the waist. I can see now that we will have clothing issues as she grows up.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Apologies are in order..

Not that there are many of you, at least that are signed up to follow and get updates, but for those of you that do follow my blog, I apologize for not having an update in so long. I've been trying to go to bed earlier at night, and getting up in the morning, and trying to stay busy around the house. We've also just been busy with lots of different things, and I've been exhausted! We just got back from visiting family in Pennsylvania this past weekend, and next weekend we leave for our two week vacation in the south! I'm sooo looking forward to it.

So, this week I have a lot in my head that I would like to get done, in order to leave my house nice and clean and in order, so when we get back, I don't have to come back to a messy house. Tomorrow I will try to update on Miss Bella, which is what you really want to know about! I'll also incude some pics as well, and info from her 6month checkup, and what milestones she's been hitting!

Oh - tomorrow is Monday, get on over to McDonald's and get your free iced mocha! (check to make sure yours is participating first!)