Monday, August 3, 2009

6 months!

Time is flying by! It seems just yesterday my precious little girl was just a faint glimmer of hope.

One year ago, I was 3 months pregnant. Only 3 months! Feeling nauseous, feeling bloated, severe heartburn.. but I was pregnant.. and I didn't hide it from anyone. I was secretly hoping for a girl, but just "knew" it would be a boy, because hey, isn't that Murphy's law or something? Obviously, Murphy wasn't listening.. but anyhow...

Miss Bella hit the 6 month mark the beginning of July, but her 6 month
checkup wasn't until just last week.

At 6 (and a half) months, She is sitting up on her own (Although she hasn't figured out hot to get into a sitting position yet). She gets up on all fours and can rock back and forth, move backwards, and occasionally lunges forward and does a beautiful face plant. She typically doesn't cry though, unless someone starts fussing about her doing it. She rolls/scoots/half-army-crawls all over the living room. She gets around in her walker better than any kid I've seen (although, I've not seen many these days). She can blow raspberries, and can say "mama" and "blah blah blah" which sounds like "ah-buh-buh-buh". I'm not teaching her baba (bottle) since she doesn't get one.

I've thought about baby sign language, but not sure if I have the determination or patience to do it. I don't feel a Strong urge to do it, although a couple of signs would be nice... "more" "eat" "change". At her checkup Bella was 15lbs 15oz, and 27.5 inches long. She is in the 50% for weight, and 75% for length! My tall skinny girl! She does have som
e rolls on her though!
At this very moment, she is playing on the floor with some books. Specifically "Biscuit's Pet & Play Easter". Apparently, it is super yummy, and also make a cool sound when you hit it. =)
We are still nursing during the night. She goes to bed about 8 or 830pm, then wakes up usually by midnight to nurse, then goes back down for about 7-8 hours. Sometimes sh switches it up and does the long stretch first... and wakes mommy up at 3 or 4. I'm not a big fan of that though, and try to discourage it by letting her fuss longer, in hopes she goes back to sleep. Really, it doesn't matter because if she is up crying, I am up too. But I feel by going in there, it is teaching her that 3am feedings are okay. The midnight one I will work on breaking, but it doesn't bother me so much. She is nursing less because she is on solids twice a day, so I know she needs the extra nursing.

She is also getting long for her carrier carseat. I feel that in the next month or two, we will have to switch up to a larger convertible one. Fortunately for us, Kevin's parents have offered to buy it when we are ready. I just need to do some good research on them and see what I like and what will be the best. I plan to get one that can go as LONG as possible with her. Before she was born, I was advised to not ever get a carrier one, because it will only last a few months and then we'd have to buy another one. This is true, but I like the convenience of the carrier, and being able to let her sleep instead of always waking her up when we get somewhere. My advice is, get the carrier kind, unless you don't have a problem waking up a sound asleep baby, then having them fuss through Wal-Mart.

My couponing has trailed off, but we aren't buying as much these days anyhow. I haven't sat down and gone through the coupons in a couple of weeks, and they are building up quick. I will sit through them soon, and I plan to take them to my mom's when we go down there next week. Most I won't use, of course, but some I will, especially for things I will be able to bring back home. (Mostly baby stuff if I find good deals).

Bella is wearing size 3-6 months now. Some 6-9 will fit her, but at for onesies its 3-6. or just 6m. The 6-9 fit her in length just a tad bit too long, but are really baggy around her midsection. Anything with feet has to be 6-9, and pants.. 6-9 are good as well, although a bit big in the waist. I can see now that we will have clothing issues as she grows up.

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