Sunday, August 2, 2009

Apologies are in order..

Not that there are many of you, at least that are signed up to follow and get updates, but for those of you that do follow my blog, I apologize for not having an update in so long. I've been trying to go to bed earlier at night, and getting up in the morning, and trying to stay busy around the house. We've also just been busy with lots of different things, and I've been exhausted! We just got back from visiting family in Pennsylvania this past weekend, and next weekend we leave for our two week vacation in the south! I'm sooo looking forward to it.

So, this week I have a lot in my head that I would like to get done, in order to leave my house nice and clean and in order, so when we get back, I don't have to come back to a messy house. Tomorrow I will try to update on Miss Bella, which is what you really want to know about! I'll also incude some pics as well, and info from her 6month checkup, and what milestones she's been hitting!

Oh - tomorrow is Monday, get on over to McDonald's and get your free iced mocha! (check to make sure yours is participating first!)

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