Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday my sister and I went to Sears and had pictures done together with our kids. It was a decent experience. Austin got super fussy and started throwing fits, and Bella for some reason did not want to smile, unless she was in the picture by herself. LOL What a little Diva! In the end, the pics all came out beautifully and I'm glad we did it!

Austin is a handful though, he is almost two. He throws fits and hits and pinches, but I think it's all part of the age. I have plenty of patience for him, but my sister, not as much. I am sure it is because I am not with him all day every day, and she is, so obviously her patience is worn thin. I feel bad because I want to help, but there isn't anything I really can do, other than try to calm him myself. I do pray for her to have more patience with him, and for him to quickly move past this stage!

There are a few birthdays coming up this week, and I need to get cards mailed out. I know Sara reads my blog - so Happy Birthday Sara! I'll try to get your card out, but it may not be until after i get back from vacation! Missy and Dave - not sure if they read it at all, but if you do, same for you! And Grandpa Freeman - we'll see you next week! =)

We also visited with my grandma yesterday. She was soo happy to see Bella.. it was the first time they've met! I got to look through some old photos too, and although she told me to take them all, I really don't have room, or know what to do with them, so it's best they stay with her for now. Eventually I would like to have them, but like I said, I don't have the storage space for them now.

Today we are going to Little Rock to do some shopping, plus Kevin has never been to Little Rock, only seen it as we've driven around it. I'm excited because I haven't been in a long time either, and I am always up for a shopping trip! Speaking of, I think I better go get in the shower and get going!

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