Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting ready for the long haul....

To my parents house! It will be a very long trip, and hopefully, Miss Bella will be good in the car! We are leaving the dogs here, and having Kevin's Aunt and Uncle come over in the mornings to let them out and feed them (and the cats) and then in the evenings, the daughter of their good friend will come over and spend some time with them, at least an hour, letting them be outside and she will also feed all of them. This will be our first time travelling without them, and Kevin and I are both nervous about it. The reason is because there are already 6 dogs at my mom's house, her four, plus my sister's two. That's more than enough dogs. The other reason is that we have to stop overnight in Nashville, there is no way we could make the trip in one shot, with or without the dogs. If we don't have the dogs, we can stay with my grandparents, if we take them, we have to get a hotel. On the way back we intend to stay and visit for a couple days in Nashville, so in total we could potentially need a hotel for at least 3 nights. We are paying Hope (The girl coming in the afternoons) $10 a day, which is actually less than a hotel (based on my internet research). Plus, we don't have the hassle of traveling with the dogs.

I'm soo excited, and have a ton to do, in fact, at this moment, I should be washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. I'm a bit odd I guess. Whenever we go on vacation, I want to leave with the house CLEAN! I want to come back to a nice clean house and not have to worry about it. Plus, I know I will need to do some MAJOR vacuuming and also laundry when we get back. So the cleaner I can get it before we leave, the better. It is Wednesday night.. we leave at 0-dark-thirty Sunday morning.. so I better get hopping. Friday and Saturday will be laundry days, and last minute cleaning, and packing. I'm going to be super stressed the next couple days, but once we are on the road I will be sooo happy!

On top of getting to see my family, and letting Bella meet more of my side of the family (she's only met my parents, brother and sister so far), this is a much needed rest for Kevin. He's been working sooo much, in fact, he went in tonight for some last minute overtime. I was irritated, but at the same time I really feel like I can't be irritated because we need it, and there isn't much OT these days. So, I deal. Would I have liked him to be home? Of course, but I understand. I choose not to work, I want to be here for my daughter's first year (At least), so this is the sacrifice I have to make. I'm so lucky that he allows me to stay home. Yes. I said it, he ALLOWS me to. He could very easily tell me I need to get a job, but he doesn't want her in daycare any more than I do. Kids in daycare get sick so much more, and I just don't know that I would feel comfortable at this point, putting her in one. I mean, I've worked in MULTIPLE day cares.. I know the basics and how they work; and what goes on. Not that they are all bad, but.. I dunno.. if I could have my way, I'd like to wait until she is at least 2, MAYBE 3. I do believe that it is good for social interaction, but at this age.. eh, she's got a playmate that we visit with every now and again. And once we are done travelling, I hope to visit with them more often.

Tomorrow I am driving out to Clifton to see Brooke and Ryan's new house! I'm so excited! They haven't moved any furniture in yet, so we are going to have a "picnic" =) in their house. Just gonna go for a couple hours, then back home and Hope will come over in the evening to get the lay of the land and what she needs to do, Kevin's cousin is bringing hi boys over, they will clean up and mow the lawn once while we are gone, and I need to cut Kevin's hair, clean up the spare room, and I want to REALLY clean the bathrooms. Like, clean the tubs (Although, I'm thinking more and more that the tubs just aren't gonna get done!)

Anyways, I will try to update while I am gone, although I am not sure I will be able to. I'm sure I'll find time to do a quick update though. And be sure to expect a TON of pictures on my share site when I get back!

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