Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting so Big!

We have been on vacation at my mom's house. I updated a couple times right after we got there but was just too busy/tired to really update. We got home late Sunday, I spent all day Monday doing laundry, and today we went grocery shopping.

We had a wonderful time at my mom's house, and really enjoyed spending time with them and the rest of my family. I do wish that we had spent more time with my Uncle and my Grandma. There just never seems enough time to do it all, and we were there for almost 2 weeks! We had a picnic on the lake and also did some swimming and fishing there too. That was the best day. Everyone was there, except my Uncle, who was not feeling well. Next year we want to maybe camp out there a night or two. The place we were at is called Joplin Campgrounds, and it is right on Lake Ouachita. It was just a wonderfully beautiful day, even though I did get bit by a horsefly!

I look forward to seeing my family every year, because they live so far away. Last year we did not go because I was pregnant and Kevin was saving his leave. My sister came up for Thanksgiving, and my parents came up after Bella was born. So I have seen them, but it is still hard for me. I was just soo excited to go down there. =) We did a lot of shopping and we bought Bella a new carseat. One that just stays in the car and converts to a forward facing seat, and goes up to 100lbs. It was kinda sad, but she fits so much better in it! Her legs were sooo long in the other one, this one gives her a bit more room. We also snagged a great deal on a wireless printer (Kodak). Bella got a TON of clothes from m mom, sister, and Aunt. We also did a bit of shopping at this HUGE consignment shop, so I got her a few outfits there too. They are abit bigger, so she can't wear them yet, but they should fit well in the Fall/Winter.

She is still not crawling, but is now pulling herself with her arms, army-crawl style! No teeth yet either, but she seems to be teething a lot more now, so maybe soon? She is also SUPER needy the past couple days. Monday I could barely leave the room to go bathroom witout her crying! At one point she wasn't happy unless I was sitting on the floor with her. Not playing with her, but that I was on the floor with her. Today was a bit better but she was still a tad bit fussy.

I got her in the bad habit of coming into bed with mommy and daddy while we were on vacation. She was waking up at night while we were there, since she was in the PnP in the same room, but I would be soo sleepy, that I would bring her into bed with me if it was like 5 or 6am when she woke up. So this morning she wakes up around 6, and guess what? would not go back to sleep in her crib. I nursed her and then laid her back down, no go. Brought her to bed finally, and she went right to sleep! Little brat! but I love her, and as hard as it will be, I will break her of this habit too.

I made her Butternut Squash tonight for dinner. She liked it, but it's probably not her favorite food so far. I've been giving her two different things at dinner lately too, which she seems to enjoy. Well, who am I kidding? This kid enjoys pretty much everything I feed her! While we were in Arkansas, we took a drive to Little Rock and had lunch at Corky's.. well she decided she liked the biscuits! It was super cute, and she got mad when I would try to take it away!

Another night after Bella and Austin went down for a nap, we made a fire in the fire pit and made s'mores and took some goofy pics (did I post about this before, I don't remember! ) Anyways, we really enjoyed that, even though a gigantic beetle tried to chop off my sister's foot!

We left on Friday, and drove to Nashville and spent the weekend at my Grandparents house. Friday night we had pizza and visited with my Aunt, Uncle, cousin and his fiancee, then Saturday there was quite a large Gathering, and Bella got to mee a lot of her Great aunts, her grandpa (my biological dad) and also her great great granny. It was such a wonderful weekend and next time we go through nashville, we plan to stay a bit longer there. One day just didnt seem like enough time to visit with them.

Sunday was a super long trip home. what should have been a 9hour drive turned out to be a 12 1/2 hr drive. She wanted to eat just about every 2 - 2 1/2 hours, plus traffic (there was a big race in Bristol on Saturday, so they were all leaving on Sunday). Lots of Buses, campers, RVs, and tractor-trailers, which made it a pain as well. But we made it, in one piece, and that is what matters. This week is spent straightening up the house and getting ready for Kevin's parents to come down for the weekend. Seriously, I need a vacation from my vacation! LOL

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