Tuesday, August 11, 2009

on vacation!

Well, we are finally at my paren'ts house! It was a long trip, but we are finally here! Bella was fantastic in the car, and was only fussy a few times when she was hungry (and we were looking for a place to stop) or she was fighting sleep. She did end up staying up later at night, but it was expected because she slept most of the day!

We got on the road about 6am Sunday morning (I was up at 3:45am!) and we made it to my grandparent's house in Nashvile about 3:30pm. There is an hour time difference, so, according to our clocks, it was 4:30. Still great time, I think! We had a wonderful dinner and visit with my Aunt Nancy, Uncle Mike, my cousin Matt and his NEW FIANCEE Carolina! This was the first time I met her, and she is such a sweetie. I really like her, although we didn't get to spend too much time together!

We left Mnday morning from there house at 8.. stopped at the gas station to fill up.. got a cal, we had left her bottles in the fridge. I brought a couple of bottles just in case I wasn't going to be able to stop when she got hungry, and also so we didnt have to stop as often. So back we went. Thankfully we were just right up the road! We made ok time, stopped a bit more, but got to my parents house about 4pm.

Yesterday we just unloaded and relaxed a bit, played some Wii, I caught up on BB11, and we ate, gave Bella a bath and finally she went to bed about 9:30pm (which was like 10:30 to her! SUPER late!) and I went to bed about 11. She was up at her normal time, but the clock read 6am! LOL this time change sure is going to be fun for the next few days!

Today we are taking Bella and my nephew Austin to Sears to get their pictures done together. I really hope the kids do well. After that, I'm not sure what we have planned! I'm just excited to be here and on vacation. It's "hotter than Hades", as my husband would say... that's okay, we will survive!

I've included a few pics from the trip from my Grandparents house in Nashville to my mom's house. I didn't get any of our visit there, because the camera was packed (D'Oh!)

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