Monday, August 31, 2009

Sneak Preview of Fall!

Always Camera Ready! Purchased the headband at Pinkabella in Hot Springs mall.

The weather today was absolutely perfect. warm, with a nice cool breeze, and sunny! It makes me think of all things fall - the colors, the smell of apples and cinnamon, pumpkins, Halloween, thanksgiving... I love it all.
Tasting a yummy biscuit at Corky's in Little Rock, Arkansas

Growing up Summer was always my favorite, then came spring. Now, I am in love with fall. I just love everything about it. Summer is nice, I like being able to go to the pool, but most days is too hot to do anything comfortably. Spring is nice, but full of mud and rain, though I do love pretty blooming flowers. Winter? Well, the snow is pretty, but I am not a fan of cold weather, AT ALL. I can't completely hate it though, since winter brought me my beautiful Isabella Grace.

Safari Guide Bella (getting ready for huntin' season!)

Speaking of Miss Bella, let me give you an update on her! That's the whole reason you read this blog anyway, not to find out which season is my favorite. Bella is almost 8 months, which reminds me, I need to update the pics on the sidebar of this thing. Man, being on vacation for two weeks can really throw you off! We've been back a week, but I am just now feeling like I can get back into a routine.
Gonna be a heartbreaker!

Bella is now army crawling all over the place! She pulls with her left arm, and pushes with her right leg. It's really rather cute, and I do have a video of it, just have to get it off the camera and post it on youtube. Like I said, I'm WAY behind on a lot of things! She is really quick too! Another thing she LOVES to do is pull herself up using your hands. If you hold your hands out, she will pull herself up, then look around with this big grin on her face as if she is saying "Look what I did!" Of course, we all cheer and clap, so now she looks at each person in the room to see if they are clapping and cheering for her!! She is close to pulling herself up on the side of her crib too, so I can see us lowering the mattress in the near future. Lucky for us, she still sleeps in a sleep sack, so she can't really get up on her own. If she's in there playing, while I'm putting her clothes away or whatever, she can just about get up there.. boy is she getting big! She babbles and babbles... her vocabulary consists of 'mama', 'blah blah (bbbbbaa bbbbaaa)' and she has said 'dada' twice so far. When she gets tired, she starts doing what we call a little motor boat "ah-bbbbbbbbbbbuh" and blowing raspberries. This is also super cute to see, I don't think I have a video though. We shall see! She eats solids twice a day - oatmeal/fruit in the morning around 11, and then two or three fruit/veggies for dinner at 7. After dinner is a bath and then play for a bit and bed is *usually* around 8:30 or 9pm, but with all the travelling, I think her body is still re-adjusting. She has also been waking up to eat at night, which I need to try and break her of. There really shouldn't be any reason for her to eat at 4am.

This past weekend she pulled herself up on the end table, but only that one time! And today, she went from her tummy to a sitting position! Only once on that too... just a sign of what is to come! I need to REALLY start baby proofing! I bought outlet covers.. but, well they aren't all on yet. My biggest concern at this point is the baseboard heater.. she likes to stick her hand in it and try to "strum" on the heating element.. which, is sharp, and dirty, and in the winter will also be HOT. She's got a couple of tiny little cuts on her fingers.. not even deep enough to bleed, jut the top layer of skin really, but still! We will have to find a way to cover it or block it, without blocking the heat!! Bella is an all around happy baby, and I am grateful for that! She has a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes, and her hair is growing fast these days! starting to come over her ears a teensy bit! Still not enough to put in a clip or a "whale spout" but that's okay! The time will come and I'll be able to put ridiculously cute bows in her hair!

Bella is going to model some clothes for a site called GennySue Baby Boutique. The photographer is a wonderful person named Rebekah Gonzalez, who Bella has modeled for before, and she also did Bella's baptism pictures. I think Bella is absolutely beautiful, and so does our family. Is she gorgeous enough to be a model? Well, as a mother, of course I think so. But I get sooo many comments on how beautiful she is. Maybe it's just me? I get a lot of comments on her beauty, and that just makes me feel so good. Perhaps it was just me, who worried whether or not my child would be beautiful. Of course I feel she is, but other people? And all the constant comments really make me feel good about it. Anyways, the modeling thing, don't worry, you won't see me on any episode of "Little Miss Perfect" or "Toddlers and Tiaras". There will be no spray-tanning of my child, false eyelashes, or makeup for that matter! If she is ever entered into a beauty pageant, it will be an all-natural, just for fun kinda thing.

As for me, I'm doing well. I am going to start walking and/or Shredding again. Since tomorrow is the first day of September, I plan to start tomorrow. It is supposed to be cooler this week, so walking will be more appealing to me. As for the shredding, well I started before then got hurt and just lost it, so I'm going to get into it again, and hopefully be able to stick with it and get in shape and lose some weight. I'm going to try to diet too. Adjust what I eat to be healthier. We do have a lot of junk food, but I am going to force myself to try and snack on what's healthy that we have, or not at all. I need to up my water intake as well, I am not drinking nearly as much as I should. I know by upping my water intake, it will help with my appetite, and also help with my skin, which is already starting to get dry, which is NOT a good sign for the winter. I go through lotion like there's no tomorrow.

Snoozing on mommy and Great Nanny and Grandpa's house in Nashvile, TN

I cut my hair! Its a lot shorter, and colored so nicely. I do straighten my hair to make it look it's best, but I can work with it curly too. I actually prefer to straighten it, but I know I will not always have time to do that.. since it takes me at least 20 minutes to do. I've never been a high maintenance girl, so this is kinda new to me, but I like it. It makes me feel good, like a HUMAN, not just some zombie in yoga pants and an over sized t-shirt. haha!

Well, that's all for tonight! My brother-in-law had a safe trip and is now home from Iraq/Afghanistan, which is just wonderful, Bella is sleeping soundly, and I've got some laundry going.. I'm just enjoying my "me" time tonight, and relaxing!

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