Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat everyone! I hope you all have had a safe and fun night, filled with lots of treats and not so many tricks! We decided to stay home and relax. I did dress Bella up in her ghost costume and took her over to a friends house early in the evening, and then we "trick or treated" to a neighbors house, and that was it. Her evening routine is pretty set, so I didn't want to mess with it too much. We tried to get pics of her and I together, since we "matched" with our ghost shirts, but the memory card was not in the camera, and by the time we put it in, she was D-O-N-E! lol so, we only have the pics from Sears, which is okay with me.

I am a bit bummed.. we didn't carve pumpkins or do as much as we usually do. we didn't even get pumpkins until Thursday! We've just been pre-occupied and putting it off. We absolutely will NOT do that with Christmas!!!

Bella now has five teeth, she waves hello and bye-bye. She says HI, MAMA, DADA, HELLO, LIZZY, UH-OH... I know there are others but for some reason my brain isn't functioning. Of course, the words she says aren't all clear as day, but we know what she's saying =) She is pulling up and cruising along all over now, climbing the doggy stairs, and getting into anything she can! She loves applesauce, and pretty much anything we feed her. The one thing she does NOT like? Commercial baby food! HATES it! Even the bananas! She will eat it, but after about two or three bites, that's it. she's done. She's so used to her "real" food that I make her.. and really, can you blame her? Have you TRIED any f that baby food? I say, if YOU won't eat it, you shouldn't feed it to her. I will eat anything I feed her. That baby food.. YUCK! I refuse, and therefore, will NOT be feeding it to her.. ESPECIALLY the meat stuff! *shudder*

Bella had begun to let go while standing, although only for a few seconds at a time.. just long enough for her to realize she's not hanging on to anything! She loves her wooden blocks, and her little jungle sit-to-stand toy, she pulls up on it and makes the music go and dances. She still loves to chase the animals in her walker, although I don't use it as much these days, she prefers (and I prefer as well) for her to be on the floor, working on her gross motor skills.

My dad was in DC recently, for work, so we drove out to his hotel to visit with him one evening. I sure do miss my family, and wish that we all could just live closer. It was a great visit, and even though it was a long trip, I'm glad we did it, because it is soo important to spend as much time with family as possible. Bella needs to know her family, ALL of them, so the gas money to go out there was totally worth it!

In other news - Kevin has started on days, and while we are still adjusting, we really do love it. I really enjoy having a 'normal' schedule.. well, as normal as you can get with his job. His days off are no longer spent sleeping, but getting things done and as a family, which I REALLY love. Kevin works Thanksgiving, but he should be home in time for dinner. He was able to get off for Christmas day, so I am really excited for that! Hunting season is right around the corner, and I'm nervous about being home alone with Bella for two weeks, but I know we will be okay! I may need a vacation after he comes home, but we will make it through! =) I can't wait to decorate the house for the holidays! We will put everything up the weekend before Thanksgiving, and then it will be all ready for be to light up once December comes since Kevin will be gone the first week (or two). By the time he comes home, the inside of the house will be all put together as well, unless we get that done too! I need to buy one of those play yard things to put around the tree.. to keep the Bella away! I can just see it now.. her trying to pull up on it and it falling over on her! Not a fun time!

I apologize for not keeping up with everything, I really have every intention to update, but then get distracted. Thanks for having patience with me! (all 4 of you!)

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