Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm updating because I haven't in a while and I feel bad, but it's not like anyone will read it.. except maybe you.

Daddy taking Bella for her very first walk in the sand.

My little angel is almost 9 months. This is a big deal to me, and amazing and sad and exciting. 9 months. That's how long I had her in my belly, how long we were connected as one being. And I miss being pregnant. I REALLY miss being pregnant. I loved the feeling of her inside me. He movements and hiccups. The fact that I could feel her move, and it was just me and her. That special closeness and bond that only her and I shared. Even in the very end, when I was feeling huge and uncomfortable and even when I complained, I still loved our special moments together. Late at night, laying in bed, feeling her move and turn, feeling her respond to my touch, or my voice. It was wonderful.
For the record, we aren't trying for another, but we aren't preventing either, if that makes sense. We would love to get pregnant again, but neither of us believe that it will happen naturally, and since our insurance changed, our coverage for infertility treatments is not much, so it's not an option right now. Plus, I have other things that need to be taken care of, which may or may not help our infertility issue. Anyway, the point is that we would be thrilled if it happened, but we are not making it our main focus/goal. Right now we are enjoying our time with Bella and loving it!

My wonderfully perfect family!
Bella is getting so big! Which, she actually does "so big". We ask "How Big is Bella?" and she raises her hands up and we say "SO BIG!" It is super cute! other things she can do at 9 months:

-Say: mama; dada; bah bah; and a variety of other vowel/consonant sounds.
-Pulls up on jut about anything, and is cruising a bit
-Has 2 teeth on top- either her canines or her incisors, we aren't sure yet. and one bottom front tooth.
-She can sign 'eat' and sometimes she does 'thank you'.
-She knows where my nose and daddy's nose is.
-She is throwing 'fit' when she doesn't get her way. Not sure if that;s a milestone.. but its something new.
-She loves chasing the animals around in her walker, and Surprisingly, Peanut let her 'pet' him and is pretty laid back about it. Until she pulls out a clump of fur, then he's pretty much done.
-She recently discovered pancakes (plain) and LOOVES them! Gobbles them right up!

The ocean was COLD!
We took a trip to Ocean City, Md this past weekend. It has become a sort of yearly trip, as this is the third year we've gone. We are already thinking of next year's trip. The weather wasn't the best. Pretty windy and chilly, but we still managed to get down to the beach and at least let Bella play in the sand and put her feet in the ocean. This weekend was the KiteFest and the SunFest. So there were hundreds of AWESOME kites along the boardwalk, anchored into the sand, and also a large craft fair with some really awesome (and some over-priced) things. Bella really enjoyed the sand, she loved kicking her feet in it, and feeling it in her hands. Amazingly, she did NOT try to eat any of it. I can't really say I was too surprised though, she isn't one to just stick everything in her mouth. She likes to feel things and inspect them and check them over before she put them in her mouth. We took her down to the water to let it splash on her feet. she was OK the first time, but the second time it came up a bit higher than we
anticipated (about to her knees) and it was super cold, and then her feet sank in the sand and she just did not like the situation AT ALL. She was quickly calmed down and happy to be back in the dry, warm sand though.

Bella's marked her territory with her new 'fangs'!
We are just trying to get back into a schedule, or routine. Kevin is switching to day shift on the 12th, so it will be hard to adjust to his new schedule. His days off will be the same, it will just be the time of day he goes in and comes home. He'll be leaving before the sun comes up, and not
getting home until right at dinner time. It will be different for me because I am so used to having him home in the afternoons with me, but I think I will really enjoy having him home for dinner and bath time with Bella. I think it will allow for some great daddy-daughter bonding. They will be able to have their own 'special' time together, whether it is bath time, or before bed story, or whatever. Plus it will let me have some of my own time. AND I will have him home to snuggle with every night! =) THAT is a major plus. We will be almost like a normal family with normal schedules!

Bella sitting in her daddy's old rocking chair.

You can see all of our vacation pictures (and from September) on our family photo site.

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