Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Storm 2009!

Our house the day after.

our backyard

Lizzy playing in the snow!

Well, it wasn't our FIRST snow of the year, but it was our first significant snow storm! The snow started Friday nights, and continued until last Saturday, with no let up at all! We got a total of 20" of, wonderful, powdery, beautiful SNOW. None of that ice/sleet/slush crap we've gotten previously. It looks like there will still be snow on the ground at Christmas, too! I wish we could have taken Bella out into the deep snow and gotten some pictures, but with her ear infections and getting over a cold, I know it's best to keep her in! Plus, there will be many many snows to come to get pictures. It was absolutely beautiful. I loved watching it snow, and realized that I DO love the snow! I've always said I hated the snow, but that is because we never get REAL snow. Kevin was out shoveling the snow yesterday, and this morning, and I just wanted to go out too! I wanted to be outside, to climb in the snow..and then I realized, I don't have any proper snow clothes. I don't even have BOOTS!! Anyhow, this is just a quickie post, as Bella has been asleep for over an hour, and is sure to wake soon! Enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kenzie Klips

A good friend of mine has begun creating and selling the most adorable hair clips! Rachel has an amazing journey to get to where she is now, and all I can say is that I am so thankful to have met her and that she's in my life.
So, anyhow, Rachel recently had a contest on her site to win some clips, and I won! (Yay me for winning!) The clips are absolutely adorable, and I tried to get a couple of pictures of the clips in Bella's hair. She wasn't very interested in keeping them there though...

Check out Rachel's site, Kenzington Kollections and if you see something you like, please make sure you tell her I sent you!

We have a diagnosis...

"Mom keeps torturing me with this!"

My poor little girl has an ear infection.. in BOTH ears! I took her to the doctor yesterday, and I wasn't even thinking about an ear infection.. (okay, the thought DID cross my mind). I was worried about it getting into her chest,because she has developed a really wet, nasty cough. We stripped her down and she was in good spirits, as usual. They weighed her - 19lbs 9oz! Almost to 20! So then we waited in the exam room for a bit. She had a blast playing with all the paper on the exam table - crinkling it and ripping it, and of course trying to eat it!! We met a new doctor at the practice (I think there are 6 total, we typically see the same one for all her well visits, sick visits are whoever is available). Dr. Gawalt (I think) was super nice. Bella Stood against me on the table and let the doctor listen to her chest. Bella was very still and quiet for the doctor! She let her look in her mouth to, although that wasn't as easy. When she tried to look into Bella's ears though, I had to hold her head against me. Bella wanted NO PART in letting ANYONE look in her ears! So we got the diagnosis of double ear infection. Since Bella has not ran a fever in the prior 24hrs, we went ahead and got her H1N1 booster.

I didn't really think about an ear infection, because she did not show the "classic" symptoms. Other than being cranky and fussy, she wasn't running a fever and wasn't pulling her ears, she didn't cry whenever she tried to nurse or drink a bottle or sippy. I thought all her crankiness was because she was miserably stuffed up and congested! I did feel like there was something more than a stuffy nose and cold, which is why I took her in. Well, I already had an appointment to get her H1N1 booster, but wanted them to make sure she was "cleared" to get it. Turns out, she was. Not her favorite part of the day, but I made up for it by getting her Chic-Fil-A for lunch! It's one of the only fast food places that is easy for me as far as getting her something to eat. Plus, their food is better thank anyone else's... except Sonic.

So we got a prescription for Amoxicillan She is supposed to take 1tsp every 12 hours, so I give it to her before bed, and then first thing when she wakes up, which is roughly 12 hours, give or take about 30 minutes. She takes the medicine just fine, however, I woke up to find an unpleasant diaper waiting for me. AH! The joys of mommy-hood! I talked to my sister about it, since she is the expert on all things about ear infections. I wish she wasn't, because the reason she is such an expert, is because she's dealt with ear infections since she was a tiny baby.. tubes, ruptured ear drum, etc. But I'm glad she DOES know, because I have no idea what to do for Bella. I couldn't tell you the last time I've had an ear INFECTION. So thanks Jen, for being there and giving me advice on what to do for her! <3>
Even when she's sick, she's cute!

Oh, and Bella is technically still contagious with her cold, so, no getting together with friends or any of that before the holidays. Which sucks, because I was really looking forward to getting her dressed up and together with a few of HER friends that are the same age. Oh Well. Another year! (or maybe we'll just do it in January!)

Friday, December 11, 2009


Well, Bella is sick again with some sinus junk. All congested and stuffy and full of snot. Poor girl. Tonight she hardly ate dinner, and drank only 5oz of her 10oz bedtime bottle. She usually drinks at least 7 or 8 oz of it, if she doesn't drink it all. So before I put her to bed (at 6:45pm..) I was going to give her some Motrin. So she didn't want to take it, but I usually can get her to suck t down a little bit at a time. Kevin was holding her, I put a little in her mouth, then he cradled her and I squirted more, except, she was leaning too far back, and I squirted too much, and she choked and gagged on it.. then proceeded to projectile vomit all over Kevin and the floor. Up cam all her dinner and bottle. Poor girl never even cried! After we all got cleaned up.. she got a sponge bath, Kevin got a shower.. I changed her clothes and laid her in bed. She went right to sleep without so much as a whimper. Then *I* got a shower, had some dinner, and she woke up about after about 45 minutes, and so I nursed her and cleaned her nose. Kevin changed her sheet, which was wet from her runny nose and sweat, and now she is back to bed.

I feel sooo bad for my little girl, but at least she isn't running a fever, and other than the cough, which I am sure is from the drainage, she has no other symptoms. She is happy, even though she is a bit more needy.

I hope it passes quickly.. Kevin's parents will be here on Thursday, and I'd hate for her to be sick the whole time they are here!

HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!

So, as you can see, Miss Bella was not a huge fan of the Jolly Man in a Red Suit (or, in this case, a burgundy suit). She really was fine all the way up until he said "Hello" to her. Then she lost it. I had them take the picture because I was not going to put her back through it another time to try and see if she warms up to him. I figure she probably won't, so it was a one-time deal. We were getting the pics, smiling or screaming! She kicked off her adorable black mary janes.. I think I'll try to get her in her outfit again next to the Christmas tree..

She is sick, again. Just a sinus infection, I'm guessing. She isn't running a fever, but is full of snot and is having a rough time breathing. I'm keeping her nose clear as best I can, trying not to over-do it with the nasal aspirator. I try to only do it when she is obviously having issues with her nose. I just feel sooo bad for her. But overall she seems in good spirits, and isn't running a fever or anything, so that's always a plus. I always remember growing up having a stuffy nose and sinus issues once the weather turned cold, all the way until it warmed up again. I hope that is not the case for her. I am still nursing her, in the mornings, but we will be weaned for sure by the time she is one. I'm almost positive about that.

Kevin went up to PA to go hunting for two wees. It was really hard for me, int he evenings, but I made sure to keep myself busy during the days, cleaning, playdates, etc. It wasn't until the evening and Bella was in bed and I was sitting in the quiet, when I missed his company. But, I was wonderfully surprised when he showed up on the doorstep a day early! =) Bella missed him too. He is back to work now, and so we start to go back into our normal schedule. I'm working on getting Bella into a regular routine for naps, but so far, with her being sick, it looks like that will have to be put off a bit. I'm still working on cutting out her nighttime nursing, and she is still waking up, but her crying isn't as hard, and so I'm hoping that within a week she will be done waking up at night!

Kevin's parents will be down next weekend, then we will go up to visit them the day after Christmas, and stay until January 3rd (I think). We will most likely celebrate Bella's first Birthday in New Castle, while I am a bit nervous about.. I really have no reason to be, but I just am. I don't want her having chocolate or any of that. If I could just give her Banana Cake and a teensy bit of icing I would, but I'm going with Yellow Cake and white icing. And she's only getting a little bit.. I don't know why I get all anxious about it.. I'm rationalizing it more and more, and making myself be more calm and not let it get to me. I'm just anxious and nervous and excited about her turning one. It doesn't matter where or when she celebrates it, as long as she is surrounded by friends and family and people who love her, which she will be!

That is all for our update! Enjoy, and look out for some more pictures!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Free hair Clip Giveaway!

My friend Rachel makes these ADORABLE clips, and she's doing a giveaway!

Be sure to leave a comment for one! YAY! absolutely adorable!