Friday, December 11, 2009


Well, Bella is sick again with some sinus junk. All congested and stuffy and full of snot. Poor girl. Tonight she hardly ate dinner, and drank only 5oz of her 10oz bedtime bottle. She usually drinks at least 7 or 8 oz of it, if she doesn't drink it all. So before I put her to bed (at 6:45pm..) I was going to give her some Motrin. So she didn't want to take it, but I usually can get her to suck t down a little bit at a time. Kevin was holding her, I put a little in her mouth, then he cradled her and I squirted more, except, she was leaning too far back, and I squirted too much, and she choked and gagged on it.. then proceeded to projectile vomit all over Kevin and the floor. Up cam all her dinner and bottle. Poor girl never even cried! After we all got cleaned up.. she got a sponge bath, Kevin got a shower.. I changed her clothes and laid her in bed. She went right to sleep without so much as a whimper. Then *I* got a shower, had some dinner, and she woke up about after about 45 minutes, and so I nursed her and cleaned her nose. Kevin changed her sheet, which was wet from her runny nose and sweat, and now she is back to bed.

I feel sooo bad for my little girl, but at least she isn't running a fever, and other than the cough, which I am sure is from the drainage, she has no other symptoms. She is happy, even though she is a bit more needy.

I hope it passes quickly.. Kevin's parents will be here on Thursday, and I'd hate for her to be sick the whole time they are here!

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