Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Storm 2009!

Our house the day after.

our backyard

Lizzy playing in the snow!

Well, it wasn't our FIRST snow of the year, but it was our first significant snow storm! The snow started Friday nights, and continued until last Saturday, with no let up at all! We got a total of 20" of, wonderful, powdery, beautiful SNOW. None of that ice/sleet/slush crap we've gotten previously. It looks like there will still be snow on the ground at Christmas, too! I wish we could have taken Bella out into the deep snow and gotten some pictures, but with her ear infections and getting over a cold, I know it's best to keep her in! Plus, there will be many many snows to come to get pictures. It was absolutely beautiful. I loved watching it snow, and realized that I DO love the snow! I've always said I hated the snow, but that is because we never get REAL snow. Kevin was out shoveling the snow yesterday, and this morning, and I just wanted to go out too! I wanted to be outside, to climb in the snow..and then I realized, I don't have any proper snow clothes. I don't even have BOOTS!! Anyhow, this is just a quickie post, as Bella has been asleep for over an hour, and is sure to wake soon! Enjoy the pictures!

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