Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I despise Barney.. and other ramblings.

So, Bella does not watch Barney. I can't stand him. i don't really know why, other than it just creeps me out. I guess when I was younger, I heard a lot of bad things that Barney would do to the kids,and it just.. Well. I hate him. So, no Barney in my house, for as long as I can help it! Bella does love the Sprout channel, an The Wiggles are her favorite. She absolutely loves them, and dances whenever they are on. Other favorites are The WonderPets, and Yo Gabba Gabba. She of course will watch anything, but those are the ones that capture her attention. We also like to watch The Bonnie Hunt Show, and Ellen. I try not to use the TV to keep her entertained, but it just seems to be on all day.

Bella is on cold milk now, which wasn't a hard transition from having it warmed. She will only take it from a bottle though, and I'm TRYING to get her to take it from a sippy, but she just isn't a fan. She knows how to use a sippy, and will drink water or juice from it, just not milk. All day yesterday, her only option was milk from a sippy. If she was thirsty, she got milk from a sippy. Needless to say, she didn't get much fluid, so, by late afternoon, she got a sippy of just water, and at bedtime, she got a bottle of milk. Today I gave her a bottle in the morning, and she only drank a couple ounces. I poured that milk into a sippy for breakfast, an she did take a few sips. At least she didn't act all dramatic and gag like I was trying to poison her. Seriously, that's what she would do! So some progress. I don't know what my rush is to drop the bottle. I just want to be done with them, ya know? I guess I have to make myself slow down, and work on maybe just getting her to drop the afternoon bottle...

She has also been taking more and more steps on her own, she just knows that it's faster to crawl, and easier for her,so she does that instead. She will start with a couple steps, then drop to her bottom and crawl to wherever she wanted to go. She'll get there, I know she will. It just gets a little frustrating for me when I see that all her friends, who are younger, are walking, and have been walking since before they turned one! But, I try to put it into perspective, she DOES have a pretty big vocabulary for a one year old, and her friends don't say as many words as she does. At least, not that I know of. So I know babies develop one thing at a time - gross motor, verbal, fine motor skills.. and while they are working on one, they don't really advance too much in the other. So, while Bella has been focusing on becoming a chatterbox, her friends have been focusing on how to get from one place to another on two feet. So, I know she will get there, I just have to relax!

Today I'm supposed to go have lunch with my friend Melanie, and another friend of hers. We are going to Panera, which I LOVE. But at the same time, I feel bad about going, we need to save more money, and here I am going out to lunch. I do keep it as cheap as possible when I do... and it does me good to get out. I start to get all depressed and lonely and not in a good place if I stay stuck in the house too much. Which is why I love my mom's group, because we can do playdates, and it doesn't cost anything.. except the gas to drive there. And I try to stick to the ones close to home. There are some that are farther away, so I usually skip those.

Anyhow, no pics in this post, no time. Maybe I'll make a post later of pictures. You can also check out our photo site.. I just updated that!


  1. Aww, despite the fact that you say you need to save more money, you shouldn't ever feel guilty for needing to get out of the house and do something "adult". You need that to stay sane. Although family is your life, family shouldn't "define" you, if you get what I'm saying. You need time for you, too :)

  2. As i read this, channel 128 (aka: Sprouts) is blaring (my son has learned how to use the volume button) a rousing rendition of Old McDonald preformed by none other than our favorite purple dino Barney! I'll tell you a secret shhh I hate him too! But made the mistake of letting Braden watch him one to many times and now as with most of the sprouts shows he is HOOKED.

    You do need adult time! Although I feel your pain about being frugal. Awesome idea, the Mom's group, I should have found one LONG ago.