Sunday, February 14, 2010

All You Need is Love...

Ah, Valentine's day. The day made up by women, for women. Well, at least according to my dear husband. I tried to explain that it is to celebrate your love for each other, and it isn't about lavish gifts. It's about doing something for the one you love, to show them you care. Even though you SHOULD do that year round, its the one day that you can be SURE to do it. I agree it is no different than any other holiday when it comes to retailers exploiting it. I mean, look at Christmas, the whole spirit of Christmas is pretty much forgotten.

Of course I expect something. I expect some sweet, small gesture. A card, or something. Would I like a shiny, glittery bobble? Well, of course! I mean, what woman wouldn't? But I don't demand or expect that. And I'm certainly not getting Kevin a big diamond anything, not that he would wear it even if I did.

So, in the days leading up to today, the commercials get more and more about romance and shiny, expensive jewelry. Every time, Kevin makes some face, or comment, about how it's "ridiculous". How it's not fair, because you don't see a commercial where the women are giving the guy some expensive, fancy gift. Well, that's because most guys aren't as emotional and sentimental as women. And what kind of pansy guy is gonna cry because I didn't get him flowers. Seriously. If Kevin got upset because I didn't get him flowers or something like that for Valentine's day, I may just have to leave him. Okay, okay. I won't leave him, but I would SERIOUSLY encourage counseling.

We went to mass this morning, then to breakfast at Ihop, which wasn't something special. It's our family thing, and we enjoy doing it. Plus, Bella is STARVING by the time mass is over, so it's quicker and easier to just grab something out. We came home and Bella napped. Once she woke up we went to Costco. While we were there, we were looking at the Flip cameras, and decided to get one. The conversation went something like this...

Kevin: There's a coupon for these camera's.

Me: Oh yeah? Do you know anyone who has them? Seems like a good deal.

Kevin: Yeah, Tim has one and loves it.

Me: Oh, well, whatever you think, babe. It's up to you if you want to get it.

Kevin: Okay. Happy Valentine's Day.

Me: How romantic.

You see, that's how we roll. There isn't so much romance and mystery to us. BUT - I'm okay with that. I do get a little emotional at times and wish he was the "bed of roses" type, but then, I know he's not, he never was, and he does plenty for me all year. So, really, I am okay with it. On the way home he went through town, saying he needed to stop somewhere to check something. WE pulled up in front of Edible Arrangements and he said "This was supposed to be a surprised, which is why I was trying to get you to go get your haircut earlier." (This was discussed during Bella's morning nap, before we went to Costco, but didn't happen because every place was closed today, it seemed.) So, he goes in, and comes out with this long box, that weighed about 20lbs (or at least felt like it!). I didn't open it until we got home, and this is what I found...

Two dozen, "long stemmed" chocolate covered strawberries. In other words.. Absolute. Heaven.

The car was super sweet, and made me cry. "This is because I love you everyday, not just Valentine's Day."

Of course, I also had to share with Bella! I ate most of the chocolate off, and she really enjoyed the strawberry.. and obviously a bit of chocolate, too! YUM YUM! Thank you baby, for loving us, and taking care of us, and being the best husband and daddy we could have ever asked or.

PS. If anyone is curious, Bella and I got Kevin an " *heart* my daddy frame, and put a picture of Bella and Daddy in it.

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