Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Giving up.

Today is Fat Tuesday... tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.. and the beginning of Lent. It sure did sneak up on me, and I hadn't thought really about what I was giving up for Lent. At first I thought about pop.. but I really don't drink enough of it for it to be a real sacrifice. Then I thought about bread, but seeing as how I hardly eat as it is, and when I do eat, it's usually a bread product, I really shouldn't give that up. More things on my list... chocolate.. tea... coffee.. laundry.. dishes... okay, the last two I really can't give up.. my house would be a mess.. but I won't lie, I did think about it...

Then someone posted they were giving up Facebook. I laughed. Really? Give up Facebook? Who would do that? Is it that big of a deal to do? Well.. at first I couldn't imagine giving up Facebook. Then I decided.. why is it such a big deal to me? Am I that addicted, that dependent, that I need to be on it? So, I'm seriously considering giving it up. I mean, I have a blog, I have email, and anyone that needs to get in touch with me, they know how to. Those that don't know how.. well they can figure it out if they REALLY need to. I can feel the anxiety rise in me, and the tension in my body when I talk about giving it up.. forty days.. until April 4th. It's a long time.. I won't be able to post about my birthday, or about St. Patrick's day.. or.. anything. My anxiety about this is the sheer reason it should be what I give up.

So... I have until tonight to make a decision.. It will be hard.. that is for sure.


  1. It's the anxiety that would really get me. All my farms and games I play are my outlet, a way for me to de-stress from all my troubles. Being a stay at home mom can be tough, without all the adult interaction. I give you a lot of love for thinking of giving FB up. And if you do, even more!

  2. When I first considered a FB fast, I felt the anxiety setting in too. Now I look at it as a liberating experience. I'm excited about all the things I'll accomplish now that I'm no longer tied down to everybody else's business. Have you thought about other activities/goals you can achieve during this time?