Sunday, February 21, 2010

In the Church parking lot...

I went to church today, for the first time without Kevin, or without anyone else. Just Bella and I. It was pretty good, she behaved fairly well, walked around a bit, and only had a minor meltdown, which was quickly resolved with walking around, a sippy and some snacks. BUT, that's not what this post is about. This post is about the parking lot, and the people who use that parking lot, and are smiling, and friendly inside the church. These are the same people who won't let you out of your spot, who try to hurry out and pass you so you don't get in front of them. What is going on? Are these the same people I shook hands with inside? The same people I offered peace to? I seriously will sit for 5 minutes in my car, very slowly trying to inch forward to signal that I want to come out, only to have another car zoom in front of me. Heaven knows, the 10 seconds longer you will have to wait to get on the road are precious, but really, is this inconsideration for fellow parishioners really necessary? And then you have those who come a second before it starts.. I'm not talking about the ones who are just running late.. we all run late when you have kids! But the ones who consistently come at the last second, and leave right after communion. Now, I don't take communion, and neither does Kevin,because neither of us are confirmed Catholics, but we go, and we listen (or try to.. Bella sometimes demands our attention instead!) and we stay th whole time. We stay through communion, and listen, and enjoy it. I enjoy it, anyhow. Except when I'm alone, and Bella is trying to walk all over the place! But anyhow.. back to the point..

If you can't at least be polite and considerate at church (not just in it), then how do these people act outside of church? Are they this rude all the time? *sigh* I really don't know WHY it bugs me so much, but it does. I'm not in a rush, and I wait patiently for someone to let me out of my spot, and I, in turn, let someone else out of there spot, or someone go in front of me. There isn't anywhere I need to be that requires me to be so rude to another person.


  1. Every time we sit in the Church parking lot and wait we wonder the same thing. I'm pretty sure we attend the same Church...GRRRRR. I'm also w/ ya on the people who leave right after Communion. We are-unfortunately no matter how hard we try usually late. It's always one last minute diaper, or spill or something that holds us up. As the kids get older I'm sure that will least I hope so.

  2. Yes, we do go to the same church. I don't mean people with little kids being late. I can TOTALLY understand that (even though I'm pretty OCD about being on time, and am usually early for everything..) but you know who I mean..

    EVERY Sunday, I am just amazed at the rudeness and "me first" attitude about leaving, like they just.can't.wait. to get out of there. I say, if that's your feelings, then why even go?