Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Okay, it can stop now.

So, we just got a massive amount of snow dumped on us! Total of 30" or more! I was able to measure 27" on the back table, which I know is not a true measurement, but pretty close. I'm not really into the idea of trying to dig my way to the middle of the yard to get a better measurement. It started Friday morning, and never stopped until Saturday afternoon. I took lots of pictures, and they have all been posted on my Facebook albums, in case you wanted to see more. Kevin was not able to come home Friday night, and that was actually very hard for me. I didn't realize just how much I truly enjoy having him home EVERY night! And Saturday seemed to drag on and on. It didn't help that I was up until 12:30am, and then Bella had be up at 5am! By the time 9:30am rolled around, I was already going crazy. I worked through it though and kept myself busy. Reading books to Bella,taking pictures, and shoveling snow in the back yard. Yes, you read that right, the back yard. My dogs won't go bathroom in the deep snow, so we have to shovel out an area for them. Bella would stand at the door and watch me as I shoveled. It seemed I would shovel an area, and as soon as I turned around, it would have a nice coating on it again! I was glad when it finally stopped Saturday, because I pulled a muscle in my back, and started having muscle spasms while I was out there. NOT fun. So yeah...shoveling... soo NOT my job, unless I absolutely HAVE to!

I took Bella out yesterday after the winds died down and the driveway was plowed. My neighbor, who is AWESOME, came over and plowed the driveway with his 4wheeler, and put salt down. We walked up and down the driveway, and she seemed okay. There was a nice little spot where he had pushed the snow with his plow, which created a little "seat" for her, so I plopped her in and snapped a few pieces. Let's just say she was less than thrilled about that. SO, I tortured her with the snow, again, for the sake of taking a few pictures, and then we went in. She is absolutely my daughter, because I HATE the cold and snow. I can't wait for the weather to be warm and we can take her to the pool!
Kevin was able to come home late last night, and he is off today. I'm so glad he is home with us, and if it "warms up" a bit, we will take her out to go sledding in our neighbors back yard later. Today is also the superbowl, although, I don't think there is really anything super about it. Don't get me wrong, I love football, I just am not a fan of either team. I'm hoping to make it to a friend's house for her superbowl party, though. I need to get OUT OF THIS HOUSE!

So, that's our weekend, we have 30" of snow, even deeper drifts, and gigantic piles of plowed snow all over. It is truly a winter wonderland. Oh, and they are calling for up to 6" Tuesday night into Wednesday, and then I think they also said we will get some next weekend. Super.

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