Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sick Baby =(

Well, I've been MIA because Bella has a cold. A BAD cold. I took her to the pediatrician after waking up to day 3 of a low grade fever. She has had her flu vax, but I know better than to assume that they will prevent the flue. So we tested for flu, checked ears, mouth, nose, throat... she wasn't running a fever there, and everything came back looking good. Her flue swab was negative, so we just have a bad virus. She's got a cough, and a runny nose, and sinus congestion. Her fever hasn't gone back up over 100, which I am thankful for. She has so much phlegm that she isn't eating because it's hard to swallow (I'm guessing). I'm just focusing on keeping the fluids in her. She's thrown up a few times, mostly because she puts too much in her mouth, and with all the junk in her throat, she just can't cough it back up. My poor sweet girl. =( So, thats what we've been doing. Weve been stuck in he house (with the exception of the dr;s office) for going on five days. Today we are going out. I don't care where, or to do what. But we need to get out. She needs different scenery, and so does mama.

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  1. Aw, poor Bella!! Sorry to hear she's sick. Hope she gets better SOOOOOON!!! And hope you guys get a chance to get out!!! I've been wondering where you've been. Good to see you blogging again. We sure do miss you. Hope all else is well!! XOXOXO.