Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who named it that anyhow?

First of all, I really want to know who names hairstyles.. some are obvious, like "beehive" and "ponytail", but others, I'm just not sure.. the "bob", "afro", and "pigtails". Let;s just focus on one of those... pigtails. I think pigtails are adorable.. but why would you call them that? they certainly don't look like a pig's tail. Why not "ponytails". You know, plural, because there is two. Really, not that I really want to associate my kids head with a horse's rear end.. but still. Anyhow.. That's neither here nor there, and really doesn't matter, because the whole point of this post is that today, for the first time ~ever~ I was able to get Bella's hair into cute, spikey, adorable pigtails. AND, I got pictures, I mean, how could I NOT get a picture? Sure, she wouldn't hold still, but whatev!

So, who cares about the when, or why, or how the name came to be.. (if you really want to know, scroll down to the end...). All I know is they are .the.cutest.ever.

OKay, you can't really see them here, but how could I not post this?

Maybe she thought it was a harmonica, or maybe there was something stuck in her teeth..

I found this here about pigtails. Wiki isn't always the most accurate, but hey, it's what I found first... Here is an excerpt:

The term pigtail appears in English in the American colonies in the 1600s to describe a twist of chewing tobacco. One of the steps in processing the tobacco was to twist a handful of leaves together to form a compact bunch that would then be cured (dried, either with or without smoking). The term "pigtail" was applied to the bunch based on its resemblance to a twisted pig's tail.
Most dictionaries still define "pigtail" as a single tight braid. However, many American English speakers use the term to describe two symmetrical bunches of hair on either side of the head, braided or not. In some cases, the term only applies to unbraided hair. This usage of the term can be seen on personal and professional websites devoted to hairstyles or even by typing "pigtails" into a search engine.[6][7]

So there you have it. We call it pigtails because our ancestors chewed and smoked tobacco.

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