Friday, February 19, 2010

You think you know it all..

Well, a lot has been going on these days, and I realize I may or may not have posted about them. I'd go back and check, but really I'm too lazy, so if you are one of the few people who actually read all my posts, most of this may or may not be a repeat. To the rest of you, it will all be new, and welcome to my little slice of the web.

Bella is walking. I mean, get up on her own, walk all over, then try to run and fall on her face, walking.She also has cut all four of her molars, and her left front lateral on the bottom. The top molars are in all the way, the bottom molars and front tooth are all still pushing through, but you can see them. This will make 11 teeth in total! We can also get her hair into pigtails now, and let me tell you, it's the cutest.thing.ever. She looks much older too. Not old enough to drive, or drink, or anything, but she looks at least 18 months now, as opposed to the 13.5 months that she currently is. I went and got my hair done. Dyed and highlighted and cut. I REALLY like it. There are pics in previous posts. Eventually, I'll get better pics. We did some more GennySue pics today with Becky. They came out wonderfully.. And in fact, the next post I make will have some of those pics in it. Or you can keep checking GennySue for the updated pics. =)

We've gotten a lot of snow, and I can say that although it is pretty, I am really over it, and they can come get it and take it to Vancouver for the Olympics. Currently, the US is winning with 20 Gold medals. Why do they stop at Gold? Why don't they give out Platinum medals? Or Titanium? Not that there is anything wrong with Gold medals, they are perfectly fine. I just think they could bump it up so the third place gets something other than bronze. Who likes bronze? Is it even worth anything at all?

It's day 5 of no morning nap for Bella. She seems to be faring well on one nap a day, although she does get fussy in the morning still, when she would normally nap, but we get through it, and it only lasts about 10-15 minutes. Her afternoon naps are starting at 1pm, give or take a few, and lasting until at least 2:30pm. This is an amazing accomplishment, as Bella has NEVER been a good napper, and has rarely ever napped over 45 minutes. Some days she's slept until 3! She's also sleeping through the night again, which is nice. We decided that unless she is screaming at the top of her lungs, we will let her cry herself back to sleep. After two nights, she stopped waking up. Then last night she woke up just screaming.. so I went got some Motrin, changed her very full diaper, gave her Orajel, and put her back. She cried for about 10 minutes, then finally went back to sleep.  She is also NOT waking up at 5am every morning.. some mornings she's slept until 6, or 6:30am even!  Although, since I posted this, I'm sure tomorrow will be met bright and early at 5am!

Today is day 3 of Lent. I gave up Facebook for Lent, and it's been hard, but not as hard as I thought. I'm staying on top of the laundry.. (as a basket of unfolded clothes sits in front of me...). I'm slowly organizing stuff, cleaning up clutter, and focusing on other things.. like Twitter. I don't fully get it, but I am following some celebrities and musicians and random other people who do not know me at all, since I don't actually know many people who do Twitter.  It's all good though, I'm being productive, and I haven't cheated, and it's only day 3, but each day I get through, is another day closer to Easter. Then I'll be able to stalk keep up with all my friends.

Today I also found out my good friend Elisia is pregnant with #2, along with my sister, who is pregnant with #2! I'm sooo excited for both of them!!! I can't wait until I can join them. No, I am not currently pregnant, but we are hoping that this year will bring us another blessing.

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  1. You are so sweet Michele. I'm sending you lots of sticky vibes so that we can go through #2 together just like we did with #1. I need my sidekick!!! LOL.