Thursday, March 4, 2010


Bella on a lunch date with her boyfriend, Kyle.

Oh my.. what a week it has been! Bella had a cold last week, which turned into an infection in both of her ears. We got her on antibiotics Saturday, and she is doing much better now. Then Sunday, I started with the sniffles and sneezing and throat tickles.. which turned into a serious sinus/head cold.. Monday I slept all day long, and Tuesday was feeling pretty good, so I went out and ran some errands and had lunch with some friends. Well, that afternoon, my body told me I had done way too much, and I started feeling stiff and achy and stuffy again. Wednesday was just as bad. Sudafed and Theraflu helped, but not for long. Every time I stood up I would get a little dizzy, or have a throbbing in my ears and head. I thought I had an ear infection. I haven't had one since I was a kid.. So I called my personal Ear Infection Expert: My Sister. It's awful that she is such an expert, she's been plagued with ear infections since she was a baby, had an eardrum rupture, and has had some hearing loss in that ear because of it. She still is very susceptible to infections now, in her 20s. BUT, I am glad I have someone I can call and explain my symptoms too, and trust her opinion.  So I told her what I was feeling and she said is definitely sounded like an infection.

Here's where the guilt comes in. Kevin stayed home from work already on Monday so I could rest. I am  STILL sick and not 100%, so he's already picking up a lot of things that I usually do, along with taking care of Bella. And now, I want to go sit in the Urgent Care office for however long, right at dinner/bath time. I wasn't gonna go, but then the pain was getting so bad.. so he told me to go. I want to be clear though, Kevin never made me feel bad about doing all that. It's all me. It's just me, I just feel bad, because he already works so hard and does so much, I feel like I should be stronger and just "suck it up". But I just couldn't.
Pulled out her hairbands from her pigtails.. 

So I go to the "Quick Care" up the road, which is only ran by a Nurse Practitioner, and only cover the basic stuff.. fortunately that includes colds and earaches. I sit and wait.. and wait.. and wait.. maybe only half an hour or 40 minutes.. but it felt like a REALLY.LONG.TIME. Finally I go back, and tell her all my symptoms, and she looks in my ears and  says "Your got an infection". So She continues to explain how an infection happens, why, etc. She also felt the need to explain that while I may have caught the virus that caused the infection from my daughter, I didn't actually catch the ear infection from her. I did make a comment that I wish my daughter didn't share EVERYTHING with me.. it was a joke, but I guess with a fever and a stuffy nose, the joke was lost on her. So she gave me an antibiotic - Augmentin - and I head to the drug store. It's just after 6 now, and I have 20 minutes to waste. I put gas in Kevin's car, then walk around CVS for a bit. Get my meds, and head home. Take my antibiotics and some Theraflu, put Bella to bed, then laid on the couch.

At some point after I went to bed, I started to get an upset stomach. It got really really bad, and with nothing in my stomach, my body didn't have much to get rid of. I'll spare you the details, you're welcome, but I was finally able to fall asleep. Thankfully Bella slept in until 7:15 this morning.

I debated whether or not to take my meds today, but I will take them for a couple days, see if my body adjusts. I also made sure to eat this morning before I took it,  so I'm hoping that helps some.

Sorry there isn't more to update! But at least I've included a few pictures of my princess. Makes the whole rambling post worth it, doesn't it?

Getting upset because the remote she has isn't the one that works the T.V. LOL
Oh, and that is Gabby watching it SNOW.


  1. Had to come & "find" you! Miss you on FB! Hope you guys get to feeling better soon!! Love your blog, it is so professional looking. Would LOVE some tips!

  2. IM not really supposed to say might want to check who won last week's giveaway! ASAP:-)