Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nightmares or Night Terrors?

Bella's ears are getting better, but I'm starting to think the antibiotics are giving her bad dreams. She has been waking up just a few hours after going down, completely screaming, freaking out, and crying "nooooooo". When we go in, she clings to us for dear life! I am getting frustrated that she's waking up and NOT going back to sleep, but I'm also worried about why she is waking up, and not going to sleep again, something she usually does on her own, or at least, with just a few pats or rubs on the back. Last night we gave her some milk in a sippy, which she only took a few sips of, then Motrin, AND Orajel, AND Mylicon.. Finally she went back down, and slept until 7:30am. I did hear her wake up a bit, but not the screaming stuff, so we left her. I'm trying to be there for her, but also not let her learn the habit of us running to her every time she wakes up.. ya know?

I was trying to read up about this last night in my What to Expect, The Toddler Years but it seems these things don't occur until they are older? Closer to two? So.. I am *really* thinking it is the antibiotics. I can't remember if she did this the last time she was on this particular antibiotic. I know this one doesn't give her super bad diapers like the others she's been on, so maybe the trade-off is no diaper rash for nightmares?

If you have experience, opinions, thoughts, ideas about this, I would *really* appreciate it. She's only on them a few more days.


  1. Sounds like you've had some rough nights - no fun. Have things gotten any better? It's probably the meds causing nightmares. (Night terrors are different - they don't wake up, don't respond to you being there...all you can do is wait for it to pass.) At least you're able to comfort her.

  2. Thanks C! It seems the past couple nights have been better since I pushed her bedtime back 30 minutes to 8pm instead of 7:30pm.