Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Teaser

So, last week we had beautiful 70 degree weather! Bella and I spent as much of it outside as possible, at the park, around the house, going for a walk.. just soaking up some vitamin D. Let me tell you - the sun will brighten ANY mood! I felt so motivated to get up and get moving. I was soooo happy. I love warm weather.

Then, Bella started with a clear, runny nose and a dry cough.. I figured it was allergies. The cough progressed, the runny nose didn't stop (although still clear). She developed a barky cough, that only seemed worse when she ate or drank anything. Well, Monday came around and I was going to take her in, but then it seemed better.. then Monday night she had an awful meltdown, wouldn't drink anything, was swatting at her ear and saying "noooo" in this awful "I'm in so much pain" kinda cry. So Tuesday I took her in and sure enough, ear infection in her right ear.  This is her 3rd since Christmas, and the last one was just a couple weeks ago! Thankfully, the meds seem to be working quickly, and she is in better spirits now. If only the nice weather would come back and stay back. I HATE the cold! Now I know why people travel to Florida every winter!

Well, that's really all there is to update about. Bella goes for her follow up/15 month checkup on the 9th, and we will possibly talk about the options for tubes, etc. I want to avoid them if I can, but I want to know my options and more information about it.

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