Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stuck inside..

We had some wonderful, beautiful, amazingly warm days... and we took full advantage of them.. then it got cold again. Well the few days was all it took for Bella to know that the only place to be is outside! Unfortunately, she doesn't understand that on cold or rainy days, we aren't going to run around outside. She started getting cabin fever fairly quick, so I dug out some paints that I had from when I had my nieces up for a weekend, and some paintbrushes, and decided to let her have some fun.

At first I gave her some paint on a brush and a piece of paper.. I helped her make a few lines, and she copied for a second, then decided to "sample" the paint. She did this with each new color. It's all non-toxic, so I didn't make too much of a fuss, just took it out of her mouth. I wanted something with her hand and feet prints, so we did that.. I thought for sure by the end we would need a bath, but really, she didn't get messy at all. She just sat there and squished the paint between her hands.  It was fun, but didn't keep her occupied nearly long enough.

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