Saturday, April 10, 2010

Are you Swagging?

Search & Win

What is Swagging, you ask? Well, simply put - it's searching the internet, and in the process, getting awarded points, or SwagBucks. The more you search, the more you win! If you've noticed, I have a "Swidget" on my blog now, and you can search right from there! I like it, and am saving up to get a good Amazon gift card, or a Target card! There is SO MUCH that I am saving up for.. I have a goal set before I spend any of it.. will you join and help me reach it? If you join through my link, whenever you search and win, I win too!

There is no fee, and I get zero spam. The search engine isn't the best there is, but I typically have no issue finding what I'm looking for. So, just by using their search engine, rather than Google or Yahoo, I can win Swagbucks, save them up, and redeem them for some great prizes!

So what are YOU waiting for! Sign up and search now!

1 comment:

  1. I signed up during Lent and I'm pretty sure it was thru your link. Is there any way you can check that?