Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy Week!

Boy! Have we been busy!  At least it *feels* like we've been busy! Last weekend we went up to PA for my niece's First Holy Communion, which was beautiful. We also went to a Pirates game.. and they actually WON which was awesome! Kevin almost caught a fly ball, but didn't because I "wouldn't" move out of the way. Don't get me wrong, I tried to get out of the way, but it's kinda hard to move when he is STANDING.ON.MY.FOOT. I dunno, maybe it's just me.. LOL anyhow, we had a great time. We left Bella with his parents because it was cold out, and she was getting over a cold and had developed a rash, which turned out to be Roseola. Yes, that was self-diagnosed with the help of a friend (Thanks Kerry!) but also when I told the pedi about it, they said so too. It was gone by the time we came home, and so I didn't take her in.  

Apple Blossom kicked off this weekend and Bella and I went to the wine festival Friday afternoon/evening with my dear friend Becky from R.Gonzalez Photos. We had a wonderful time, Bella was wonderful, and despite a bit of fussiness around dinner time, she really was a good girl! Lots of people complimented her and told me how beautiful she was. Someone even asked "do you have an agent for her? She should be modeling!" Which made me laugh, because Becky has done all of Bella's modeling pictures for GennySue. Anyhow, it was a great time.

Saturday I took Bella to the Pediatrician because she was messing with her ears and I wanted to catch the infection early on. She's been pretty snotty for over a week and with all her previous ear infections, I felt it was better to be safe than sorry. We went in, and I saw the one pediatrician that I really am not fond of. I had only seen him once prior to that, and he really made me feel like my concerns were unwarranted. He also makes me feel like he is in a rush. This time was no different. He asked "What brings you in", and so I started to tell him how LAST weekend, she had a fever for 2 days, then a rash, and has been real snotty all week - then he interrupts me and says "Okay, why are you here TODAY". And - he waved his hand, like he was dismissing me.  WTF. I'm FREAKING TELLING YOU why I came in today! So I said I was worried about her ears. So he comes over and tries to distract her with a toy, starts telling me how to hold her, like she was gonna spaz out or something. If you've been following my blog at all, you know Bella had been to the doctor a TON of tines. She's a champ at getting examined. She will sit in my lap just fine while they check her tummy and listen to her chest and back. She was more freaked out by him being all "weird" about it.  So anyhow, that was hard, because the way he wanted me to hold her while he looked in her ears wasn't the way I normally hold her, and she freaked out because he wanted me to hold her facing him, and usually she sits facing me, and i turn and hold her head. It works fine for everyone else, just not him I guess. So anyhow - After all that, he said there is clear fluid, or water in her right ear, but her left ear is fine. He said there is nothing we can do about the fluid, and that it's not infected. He was nice enough to inform me that because there is stagnant fluid in her ear, bacteria can come up into her ear from her sinuses and cause an infection. He also told me that there is one medicine  - Cingulair - that had shown in studies to reduce the fluid in children's ears faster in a 6 week study. BUT - it's only prescribed to children with asthma. So he said  "your insurance isn't going to cover it unless she has asthma". I don't know what he was getting at - that he would "diagnose" her with asthma, or if he was telling me to pay out of pocket. Regardless, i'm not giving her asthma medicine if she doesn't need it. 

So, we came home, since there is "nothing" wrong with her. This morning, at 5:20am, she woke up crying.. i went in and got her at 5:30, tried to get her back to sleep.. no go. We rocked a bit, she fell asleep, then when i laid her down she started screaming. so I brought her to bed, tried to lay down - scream. We were okay sitting up though. About 6 or so, she decided she wanted to eat, so I dragged us down the hallways and into the living room. got her set up with her sippy, and then went to go bathroom and stuff. She started crying again (so much for brushed teeth!) so I come get her and she is miserable. leaning her head, holding her ear, trying to drink and then throwing her cup and crying. Poor thing. Finally she calmed down, and we had some pop tarts and she eventually dank her sippy of milk. She is acting better now, but is still fussy, and it set off fairly easily. I just hope she gets a good nap today - because *I* need a nap!

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