Monday, April 26, 2010

Check out what I won from some FABULOUS sites!

So, not to long ago I stumbled upon a great site that posted giveaways every week. Fabulous Friday Freebies posts one or two giveaways on Friday. You enter by leaving comments after you've done what the giveaway tells you. There is usually at least three ways to enter, sometimes more. They are all very simple to do, and usually only take moments to accomplish!

So, The most recent thing that I wont from Fabulous Friday Freebies was from a company called Polka Dot Kitty Co. . I won a $30 gift certificate! One of my entries was to post what I would like! Well, with Apple Blossom fast approaching, I had said I would spend my gift certificate on one of her adorable monogrammed ribbon onesies.  When I found out I won, I was *so* excited! I went on the site and *really* looked through everything. I finally decided on getting an adorable monogrammed toddler pillowcase and pillow. Why did I change my mind? Because while the onesie was irresistibly adorable, I wanted something that would last a long time. What better than a pillow? It can go in the car on trips, on vacation, and eventually, on sleepovers. She will always be able to have something to feel like she's at home. A little something you may not know about me - whenever I travel, I *always* bring one of my bed pillows.

I opened the box, and there were two wonderfully and sweetly wrapped packages, plus the pillow itself.  I opened the purple one first, which was the pillowcase, and immediately put the pillow in it! SUPER cute. THe embroidery was wonderfully done, and absolutely perfect.

I couldn't figure out what would be in the second package.. and I really didn't take too much time to think about what it might be! The note read "A little something extra", and I opened it up.. inside I found the onesie I had originally said I liked!  What an absolutely wonderful surprise! 

Let me tell you, I am really impressed with the quality of work on this onesie. It seems that every small detail has been covered! The backing is on perfectly, the ribbon is perfectly even, the bow is even, it just seems like she covered everything, and on an item she didn't even have to make! Thank you sooo much for throwing in this little surprise. I truly love it!

If you'd like to enter one of the many giveaways, be sure to visit Fabulous Friday Freebies. New giveaways are posted every Friday!

If you absolutely LOVE the items I won, be sure to check out Polka Dot Kitty Co. - you won't be disappointed!

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