Saturday, April 3, 2010

End of Lent

Some of you know I gave up Facebook for Lent. Some of you don't. I didn't originally decide to do this.. I was going to give up soda, or candy, or.. something. It was actually Kevin's idea to give up FB. He said it as a joke/challenge, and at first I was totally against it.. but the more I thought about it, the more it really felt like the right thing to do. It was hard the first week.. but I found myself keeping busy in other areas. I still would find myself occasionally wondering what everyone was up to, or wanting to post something, but I did not..

Would like to take this moment to say - YES I AM aware that my Swagbucks were posting, *I* however, was not. It would automatically do that whenever I won. YES - there was an incident where my phone sent some old pics to FB - I was completely unaware until my friend told me. But I never intentionally or purposely posted anything or logged into FB, or check it at all.

So, now that tomorrow is Easter, I can get back on.. and I am honestly ready. It's not that I need Facebook.. But I do enjoy keeping up with everyone and sharing photos of Bella. I din't miss Facebook, I missed the connection I had with so many people.. a connection that, for some, was the only way we communicated.

On that note, I would like to say thank you to those who made an effort to text me, update me, and otherwise keep me in the loop. It's the people who made that effort to try to keep in touch that was truly special to me. As silly as it sounds.. it shows that "you like me! you really, really like me!". I know not every one could, and I don't hold an hard feelings for those who didn't call/text/email or otherwise contact me. Like I said, for a lot, FB was the ONLY way we kept in touch. I was sadly disappointed in a few people though, who I was SURE I would talk to, and hear from more often, and did not. I thought I would be worth the effort to those people, so to speak. I did my part to stay in touch. And it's not like I expected daily phone calls or whatnot. It's just I feel that, when you talk to someone sooo much on FB, and you have exchanged numbers and email addresses, and some you live close to.. and then you leave FB, you expect to hear from these people. When you don't, it hurts. Yes, I'm sensitive, I know this. It is part of who I am. So, if you are my friend, and you didn't already know that, make a mental note. I'm not overly sensitive about everything, but I am when it comes to things like that.


Tomorrow morning we have mass at 7:30am, then home for breakfast and baking a ham. We are doing an Easter lunch as opposed to dinner, and then it will be naptime. I made Bella a little Easter basket with goodies - no candy though. She doesn't need any chocolate or candy! I will let her have a couple of sugar cookies with lunch though. =)

So.. I'm thankful to have family close-by to spend Easter with, and I am happy to get to go back to Facebook. I'm just not a twitter gal after all. ;)

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