Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teach your children to love their bodies.. but please, don't dress them like a hooker!

I've been on the hunt for a bathing suit for Bella. I want the surf-shirt type, for the sole reason to cover her shoulders and stuff from the sun. It's where I burn the fastest and worst, and since I don't know if she'll be lie me or her daddy, I'm taking precautions. In my hunt for a bathing suit, I've come across many cute ones.. and some that would be cute if she were.. 18.  Seriously.. is this what we are really dressing our small children in these days?

This suit can be found at Macys.com HERE

Yes, I think it is cute, but truly inappropriate for 2 year old. (Or younger, as it also comes in 12 and 18 months!) I am all about teaching Bella to appreciate and love her body, positive self image, and to not be embarased about her body, BUT I'm also into teaching her modesty. If she's wearing this now, what will she wear when she's actually built to "fill out" a bathing suit like this?

Here is another...

You can purchase this swimsuit HERE

Maybe it's just me, maybe *I* am the odd one out, but I just can't see why I would put her in a swimsuit like this. Maybe as she gets older and can pick one out on her own... but still.. it just looks to mature for a toddler. Bella's Nana just bought her a suit - this is the one she got:

It is super cute, has ruffles on the bottom, and you can purchase it HERE at sears.com

No, I don't have anything against bikini's for babies. In fact, there are some super cute ones, that don't look like you are trying to pimp out your toddler  too "mature".

Purchase this one HERE
Find this one HERE

Of course, it's all my own opinion, and to each his own. If you like your daughter to wear little string bikini's, then more power to you. I suppose there is never a bad time to start preparing for a career as a Playboy model. 

*All opinions here are of my own, and no one asked me to write this or gave me anything or whatnot. I did it all on my own. 


  1. I agree with you. I've seen various inappropriate attire on children, not just toddlers but it seems they get worse as they get older with booty skirts etc for the younger ones too. Z wanted to give your article a thumbs down though for opressing his right to google at your daughters (j/k) ;-)

  2. I TOTALLY agree!! great topic michele!

  3. Well said, Michele! Too much hoochification going on at such young ages these days!!!! I agree that we need to set a good standard while our daughters are young. We take it a step further with modesty and only do one piece swimsuits. :)

  4. THanks! glad to know i'm not the crazy over-protective mama!

    Lindsay: Right now I'm concerned with keeping her shoulders covered from getting burnt, and one pieces, unless a whole jumpsuit type thing, usually don't have sleeves ;)

  5. Ha! This is so true, you are so right and I am so glad I don't have a girl ;).

  6. "I did it all on my own!" Haha! I personally like the zebra-looking one the best.

    I don't think the first two are THAT bad...but definitely not for a 2 year old.

  7. Stacey: That's my point.. cute for an older girl... like.. *older*. these suits are in sizes to fit 1 or 2 year olds!

  8. with b/g twins i gotta watch out for them. As they get older they will have friends saying she/she is cute amongst them. So at 23month old, its time to set the rules .LOL. Those are super cute Bikini's but not for my 23month old daughter! To mature and i want her to stay young ( dont we all?)