Saturday, May 22, 2010

Moving SUCKS!

Well, we have moved. Everything is in the new house except for the blinds and the curtains from Bella's room and our room.  I think we are going back today or tomorrow to get those, then the house will be empty. I'm planning on a yard sale at that house in a couple of weeks. We've left some stuff, and now that we have all our stuff accessible ( in the basement) we are going to take it BACK to the old house and sell it there. Whatever doesn't sell will be donated. Lots of clothes, a computer chair, tons of odds and ends stuff. Oh, and a water bed. So, come on out if you'll be around.. I'll post on facebook and craigslist whenever I figure out when it will be.

The new house is great. Huge backyard, lots of space and room. There will be even more room once we get the boxes out of here! It's a slow process to get things organize and put away, but we are getting there, little by little. The dogs LOVE the big yard to run around in. The house is painted in most of the rooms. I re-painted Bella's room.. pics of that are on facebook. I'll post them here but another time because today Bella is Miss Grumpy Pants and I'm stealing these precious few minutes to post this.

I will get out our new address to everyone eventually... when I have time.

Love you all!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

What is "Wordless Wednesday"? Well, it's basically a thing that bloggers do on Wednesdays, so they don't have to actually post anything or put thought into it. So, because I'm a slacker blogger, you may or may not see more of these on my blog. Or maybe they will occur on other days, but I will try to, every Wednesday, post a picture or two of Miss Bella. So at least if I'm not updating, you get a picture to look at =)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Here are a couple poems for you to enjoy!

What is a Mother?
Mothers look different from other women. Their hair isn't always done in the latest style, and sometimes, it isn't done at all.
A mother is a woman who can bake a cake with six other hands helping her and still have it turn out fine.
A mother's shoulders sometimes smells of sour milk, and if you are very observant, you'll notice safety pin holes in her clothes -- even her Sunday best.
Mother's frequently have runs in their stockings, likely as not, Junior didn't park his trike off the sidewalk.
A mother is different. She likes chicken wings and backs and the hamburger that is slightl y burned -- things the kids and Daddy don't care for. She never takes the last chop on the plate, and she always saves the candy from the tray at the club to bring home to the children.
A mother may not have ulcers, but she has versatile tears. They show anger, weariness, hurt or happiness. Once, when Daddy forgot an anniversary, Mother cried. One Saturday, he brought home some chocolates when it wasn't even her birthday or anything, and she cried then, too.
A mother is someone who can repair the kitchen sink with only her hands -- after Daddy spent alot of time trying with tools and plenty of cuss words.
When a mother dies, she must face Him with her record of accomplishments. If she's done a good job of caring for her children, she'll get the most sought-after position in heaven, that of rocking baby angels on soft white clouds and wiping their celestial tears with the corner of her apron.


It takes a Mother's Love
to make a house a home,
A place to be remembered,
no matter where we roam.

It takes a Mother's Patience,
to bring a child up right,
And her Courage and her Cheerfulness
to make a dark day bright.

It takes a Mother's Thoughtfulness
to mend the heart's deep "hurts,"
And her Skill and her Endurance
to mend little socks and shirts.

It takes a Mother's Kindness
to forgive us when we err,
To sympathize in trouble
and bow her head in prayer.

It takes a Mother's Wisdom
to recognize our needs
And to give us reassurance
by her loving words and deeds.

It takes a Mother's Endless Faith,
her Confidence and Trust
To guide us through the pitfalls
of selfishness and lust.

And that is why in all this world
there could not be another
Who could fulfill God's purpose
as completely as a MOTHER!
Helen Steiner Rice


So, Friday, I went and got my hair cut and colored, and yesterday was the Bachelorette/girls night for my good friend Brooke who is getting married in just two weeks! We had a wonderful time, got pedi's, then went back to another girls house to hang out and chit chat and just have fun and relax =) I stayed out very very very late, and the mommy guilt crept up on me. I really enjoyed myself, and just got caught up in that, and lost track of time. It was 8:30pm, then suddenly was almost midnight! I had an hour drive home, and it was a LONG one. I was sad for being out so late, I felt I should have come home early. It would not have mattered, after Bella was in bed, Kevin just watched the hockey game, then went to bed. But still, I felt as thought I should have been home. It's the mommy guilt that gets you. Always. I suppose it always will. 

This morning I woke up at 6:45am. Bella was still asleep, Kevin was still sleeping.. but the cats were awake, and driving me crazy to be fed. I got up, fed them, let the dogs out and made coffee. I sat down and checked email, caught up on some stuff online. Bella woke up around 7:30am. I got her at 7:45, changed her stinky diaper (fun!) and then gave her a sippy of milk. We snuggled on the couch, and Kevin was up shortly after that. Kevin was sitting in his chair and sent Bella over to me with a bag. Inside the bag was a box from Kay Jewelers, and a card. The simple gesture of Bella bringing me a gift brought me to tears. The card them made me cry, and the necklace.. the beautiful, sweet, perfect necklace that was inside caused me to well up again and the tears flowed down my cheeks. I also read cards from my sister, mom, and Kevin's cousin and Aunt. They all also brought me to tears. Today has been emotional. No, this isn't my first Mother's Day, Bella was born before Mother's Day last year, but this year feels like the "first" because she actually got me something, because she's not just a tiny itty bitty 4 month old.. This year is momentous to me. And I will always remember Kevin whispering in Bella's ear "go give this to mommy" as he handed her that bag, and watching her walk over to me to hand it to me. It is an image burned into my heart forever.

So, today has been a wonderful day. I was truly surprised by my necklace, and I truly feel appreciated and so very loved. I feel that all the time, but for some reason, I'm overly sentimental and emotional today. I am truly, absolutely, undoubtedly, more-than-I-could-have-asked-for, blessed. Thank you pookie bear, for all you do for me, and for raising our beautiful and perfect daughter with me. I couldn't do any of it without you.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


The Prettiest Apple Blossom of all!

The 83rd Annual Apple Blossom Festival has come and gone, and it was a busy, busy time!  The weekend consisted of walking the midway, watching a Fireman's Parade, checking out the craft fair, eating lots of wonderfully bad-for-you food, a car show, a petting zoo, a pool of bubbles, more crafts, a circus, and a slightly sun-burned mama. But it was WONDERFUL! Kevin would disagree, and he said if he had to work every Apple Blossom weekend from her eon out, he'd be okay with that! haha!

So, now that you know what we did, here are some pictures from the weekend... Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just did the Apple Blossom Weekend stuff.. parade, park, kids day, circus.. Haven't had time or energy to really update, plan to try tonight.. =) So be on the lookout.. I'll have something up this week.. with pictures. I promise!