Saturday, May 22, 2010

Moving SUCKS!

Well, we have moved. Everything is in the new house except for the blinds and the curtains from Bella's room and our room.  I think we are going back today or tomorrow to get those, then the house will be empty. I'm planning on a yard sale at that house in a couple of weeks. We've left some stuff, and now that we have all our stuff accessible ( in the basement) we are going to take it BACK to the old house and sell it there. Whatever doesn't sell will be donated. Lots of clothes, a computer chair, tons of odds and ends stuff. Oh, and a water bed. So, come on out if you'll be around.. I'll post on facebook and craigslist whenever I figure out when it will be.

The new house is great. Huge backyard, lots of space and room. There will be even more room once we get the boxes out of here! It's a slow process to get things organize and put away, but we are getting there, little by little. The dogs LOVE the big yard to run around in. The house is painted in most of the rooms. I re-painted Bella's room.. pics of that are on facebook. I'll post them here but another time because today Bella is Miss Grumpy Pants and I'm stealing these precious few minutes to post this.

I will get out our new address to everyone eventually... when I have time.

Love you all!

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  1. You moved! (I haven't been on this site in about a week or so.) Are you in the same city or no?