Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wasting time..

I have all day to get things done, but it doesn't nearly seem like enough time. I am currently wasting time online, while Bella eats breakfast. I know it's probably going to be the only time I can actually get online without (much) interruption today. I have lots of running around to do, but before I even leave, i need to get my morning yoga out of the way, get myself and Bella dressed, re-pack my diaperbag since it was totally disassembled yesterday, and feed the animals. No, don't worry, they won't let me forget. The rest of the day will consist of chasing Bella around, keeping her from climbing on tables, keeping her happy while we pop in and out of Walmart, Target, and Costco for returns, and then trying to get her lunch and a nap on time. While she's napping I need to workout, shower, sweep, vacuum, clean the kitchen, clean the living room, fold laundry and get packed. All in a small 3 hour window. Why the rush today? We leave for PA tomorrow, and our goal is to be on the road by 8am. Today we want to pack and load up and so all we have to do in the morning is roll out of bed, brush teeth and hop in the car. Now, you should know, this is ALWAYS the plan, whenever we go anywhere. Usually we don't actually get on the road to where we are headed until 10.. which puts us in PA late afternoon. Kevin would like to get there earlier. Not exactly sure why, but hey, I'm all for getting on the road early! =)

So.. traveling is fun! I'm excited to go somewhere, and excited to go to PA to see all of Kevin's family! It used to be very stressful for me, but I think that I'm just getting more comfortable around them. There is still a level of anxiety and stress I feel when I'm there, and I can promise you that by the time we head home in a week, Kevin and I will be snippy with each other, but we survive, and once we are home and he's back to work and we have that time apart, we'll be back to normal. =)

My little Miss Hollywood at the pool. =) 

Next bg "event" is the cookout next month. =) If you are interested in coming, leave a comment and I'll give you details. Unless you are on FB, then you probably already know about it! =D

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