Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bella's 18month Checkup!

Oh my.. Bella is a year and a half. 18 months old. It is amazing o me how much she has grown. To think that I have a little person, running around, talking, climbing.. it just amazes me to no end. I always knew I'd love being a mommy, but I never truly understood the feelings I would have just watching her. I find myself often stopping what I'm doing to just watch her as she happily plays with her blocks, or "reads" her books. She just amazes me so much with how much she already knows and understands.

Her checkup was yesterday. She was a doll, as usual! Laid still for measuring and weighing, and sat still for the doctor to examine her. Here are her stats:

Weight: 25lbs 4oz (75%)
Height: 33.5" (90%)

She can identify and say the following body parts:
Head, hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, cheek, chin, belly/bellybutton, hand, fingers, elbow, bum, knees, foot, toes. We are working on shoulders, back, chest, and neck.

She can also identify the following animals and knows the sound to the ones with a * next to it.
Cat*, doggy*, horse*, cow*, sheep*, goat, pig, frog, bird

We are working on colors, and while she repeats them back, I do not think she really understands the connection. She knows her name (Bewwa) and identifies herself in pictures or the mirror. She loves to play peek a boo, and will cover her eyes and ask "where's Bella?" which sounds like "ah bewwa?". It's not perfect sounding, but the correct intonation is there for a question. Super cute. She loves swimming, and we put her in the pool with just floaties on her arms (And close supervision, of course!) She learned very quickly how to kick her legs and move her arms to get around the pool. I'm glad she doesn't have her mama's fear of deep water.

The doctor said her gross motor skills are right on course, and her vocabulary/speech is closer to that of a 2 year old. I'm excited about that! (at least, until she's older and using that skill to talk back!) He did say we need to cut back her milk intake a bit, as she's drinking a LOT. Reminded me she needs to be brushing twice a day.. something I will admit I often forget to do. So now, I've put her toothbrush and toothpaste with mine, and we will do it together. I didn't think she could have too much milk, but he said to try and keep her at no more than 24oz a day. Seriously, she'll drink 4 full sippys a day - and they are 9-10oz sippys!

Bella loves to be outside. And when we go out, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get her back in without a fight. And BOY does she have a temper on her! Short patience and a hot temper. What a combo. The patience is from daddy, the temper from her mama. We will have to help her work on it as she gets older. For now I try to stay calm and let her have her fit, so long as she's not hurting herself or anyone around her.

She has all her teeth now, except the last four "2 year molars". But they are coming, she is drooling a lot and always chewing on her fingers, or anything else semi-soft and rubbery. I also think they have been waking her at night. Poor thing. Hopefully they don't get dragged out too long, and she can get through it quickly. =)

Bella @ 18 months July 4th, 2010

Last year's Photo....

Bella @ 6months, July 6 2009

Well, that's all that has been going on with my little munchkin! She loves her Little Gym class, and it has really helped her develop and get stronger. She's learning to jump and climb and run, and that is great for her muscles. =)

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